DIN 53530 PDF

DIN 53530 PDF

Find the most up-to-date version of DIN at Engineering DIN () Testing of organic materials; Separation test on fabric plies bonded together. Be notified when this Standard is updated or amended – Add. DIN Testing of organic materials; Separation test on fabric plies bonded together.

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The fabric has the following properties: The sum of o and p may preferably be betweenpreferably, it ismore preferably, it is According to the invention coated fabrics show some technical advantages.

It can be a kind of adhesion promoters used but also mixtures of two or more silanes or their reaction products or partial or mixed hydrolysates can be 35530.

After application by the above methods, the drying and curing of the coated fabric is usually carried out in a heating channel, which can be heated by hot air, infrared light, gas burners, heat exchangers or other energy sources.

The vulcanization takes place in one operation at the same time as the drying and shrinking process.

DIN 53530:1981-02

Suitable emulsifiers are ionic and nonionic emulsifiers. The application of the products of the invention can be carried out in the usual way. To avoid premature crosslinking, the emulsions of the invention are stored in at least two different components. Mining and minerals In tissues that need ein be washed and dried, this is particularly true for synthetic fabric, the composition of the invention can preferably be applied directly to the still wet fabrics immediately after the washing process.


Fluid systems and components for general use Coated textile substrate, characterized in that the textile substrate is an airbag material.

According to the invention an aqueous silicone system is provided which can be applied directly dib the washing operation on the still wet tissue and vulcanized during the drying process. The carbon black is preferably carbon 5353, furnace black or lamp black. EP-A describes addition-crosslinking organopolysiloxane compositions without silicone resin in an organic solvent used for coating airbags.

One component comprises the siloxanes with the unsaturated aliphatic groups, another component comprises the siloxanes with Si-attached hydrogen. An advantage of the coating process according to the invention that the cost of an additional coating step are saved.

We wish you a pleasant end-of-year holiday. However, all radicals described above as R can be present. According to the invention, there is provided an aqueous silicone system which is applied to the fabric directly after washing while it is still wet and can be vulcanized during the drying step. EP Coated fabrics for air bags. The formulation used and described in Example 1 was knife-coated onto a polyester fabric. Base fabric for air bag.

DIN – European Standards

Aqueous emulsion-type silicone compositions. Platinum compounds are preferred for use as catalysts in the dib of this invention. The carbon black content is based on silicone 535330 content is preferably between 1 and 50 wt. The groups having aliphatic multiple bonds, it is preferably Vinylgrupppen or allyl groups, vinyl groups are particularly preferred. Dies trifft insbesondere bei der Verwendung zur Herstellung von Airbags zu.

An additional coating operation is no longer necessary. Latest News of the Blog. Es kann eine Art von Haftungsvermittler verwendet werden aber auch Gemische aus zwei oder mehreren Silanen oder deren Umsetzungsprodukte, bzw. Our offices will be closed from December 24, to January 2, inclusive.


Air bag coating composition and air bag.

A textile substrate coated with the aqueous emulsion as claimed in claim 1, wherein dun textile substrate comprises an airbag material. It is possible to use one type of adhesion promoter, or mixtures of two or more silanes or their cin products or partial or mixed hydrolyzates. In the organopolysiloxane with at least 3 Si-attached hydrogen atoms per molecule, the silicon valencies not saturated with hydrogen and siloxane oxygen atoms are preferably saturated with methyl, ethyl or phenyl radicals.

In the inventive method, the aqueous emulsions according to the invention can be preferably dib to wet textiles that come directly from a washing or cleaning process. Vulcanizate produced to 4 or produced according to claim 5, by the emulsion is heated using an aqueous emulsion according to one or more of Claims.

Physical testing – Sächsisches Textilforschungsinstitut e.V.

The application of the products of the invention can be carried out in a conventional manner. In the process of the present invention, the coating material can be applied directly in or after the washing process and vulcanized during the drying process. The organosilicon compounds used in this invention are commercially available products or preparable by processes customary in 55330 chemistry.