Why Diamond Nexus The Knot Our Guarantee Our Science The 4C’s of Diamonds Cuts of Diamond Nexus Gemstones Gemstone Size Chart The DreamBook®. Title: Diamond Nexus Engagement Guide, Author: Diamond Nexus, Name: Diamond Nexus Visit to order your $25 DreamBook ®. The Dreambook~ filled with over pages of rings~ Order today and start planning your Discover ideas about Lab Created Diamonds Diamond Nexus . 3.

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I have received lots of complements on my ring. I saw this exact comment on several other sites. If you must have a clear stone, buy a white topaz or sapphire! I have two daughters both of whom got engaged last year. We took it to the jeweler to be mounted and they were also quite impressed with the appearance. I really like to win them.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding…. After researching many sites and reading reports, DNL seemed to be the choice. I think the trick to making a DNL look believable is not to go crazy with a huge stone. I became very frustrated because I knew that he would not be able to spend the cash that very nice diamonds cost because he is a detention officer at the local jail.

DNL it diamonr, lol.

Am I a scientist? I agree with you about wanting a good, simple band. I liked the claims that DNL made on their website about environmentally friendly, and ethically produced jewelry, but money was the primary reason behind our decision. I bought the Abigail in There are real, gem-grade lab-grown diamonds produced out there.


They paid, in my opinion, a ridiculous amount and the pendant still looks dreamboik.

Every Gal Needs Something That Sparkles: Diamond Nexus Earring Review!

One is a a 25k diamond, the other a 2k DNL. The second time around they completely replaced the setting at no charge to us. Ddeambook wore the ring for six weeks and last week I dropped the ring. This is perfect if you have something in mind, but want a different stone or something different.

The stone brilliant cut, 1 carrot was absolutely beautiful. There are essentially no flaws in a man-made diamond, and a trained eye can see that without a loupe.

Diamond Nexus – A Customer’s Perspective – Frugal Babe

Thanks for this post. Unfortunately I bought several items including a loose stone for an heirloom ring setting, a pair of earrings and a band with black and white diamonds. I also love that if there is a review a contest is sure to follow. I wore these earrings to work several times, and always get complements on them. I have a smart mouth, don’t sit still well, extremely opinionated, have a lot to say, work hard, love lots, don’t have time for drama, or negativity.

Terri, Sorry to hear about what happened. Never heard of that but…just saying…beware if u are looking to keep this ring long term. I called DNL and they told me to just send it back and they would resize it.

Neither of us have any particular attachment to our wedding rings. My suggestion, start with DNL, you will be very happy; they have a great product. I saw this exact comment word for word, and in all caps on another website while I was researching DNL. Comments I love your blog and the pictures that you shared here.

  IEC 61162-1 PDF

I think my next round will be personalization. She said that the jeweler that set the stones and diamonx a set of stud earrings thought they were real also. I work for a nutraceutical company and we have a large call center.

I know not much has been said on this recently, but my husband bought my ring about four years ago. Everything was fabulous from the awesome customer service to the fabulous earrings I received.

We have been buying jewelry from DNL for probably five or six years now… rings, pendants, earrings. It remains beautiful although I was initially very skeptical about how it would look a year out.

I set that stone for them. Nothing to report yet though. He talks to my dad tomorrow. My husband and I were searching for engagement rings and came across this website Diamond Nexus.

diamone I agree that DNL are truthful about the nature of their products. Before doing so, I decided to try one last company…DNL. It is a lovely ring and I have absolutely NO complaints about it. Check out all the great details:. Been going back and forth between white sapphires, and DNL.

I think because it is so big, more attention will be drawn to it, which will make more people wonder if its real.