When I read Meljean Brook’s Demon Angel, I was riveted by the first half of the As in Demon Angel, the romance in Demon Moon is all about. DEMON MOON is the fourth story in the Guardian series, and the second full- length book. It takes place in modern-day San Francisco, eight months after the. I’ve had a couple of readers mention that they’ve had a hard time finding new, readily available print copies of Demon Moon from online stores.

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I doubt any of the rest of the series is gonna top this one. Sep 14, Summer rated it liked it Shelves: So, mix good writing-style, fast pacing, plot, complex characters and random other things – for example Lilith finally convincing Colin to kiss Hugh aaah!

Demon Moon by Meljean Brook | : Books

I am slowly, slowly adding to my shelves and reviews. Unleashing his Gift of truth upon her only makes Lilith’s willing servitude more unbearable. Some of the conversations are hard to understand but overall when you do get the jist, you will be amazed how the author came up with this storyline. While I can’t really empathize with this characteristic, I was intrigued by it and it gave her a shot of unexpected depth. Of course we’ve seen many an arrogant and self-assured hero but have we seen one as vain as Colin?

Although there were some good ideas, the writing style was too hard to understand. I have a total fan-girl crush on Meljean Brook. Though msljean has promised her grandmother she will marry within the year to a man of her grandmother’s choosing, she has no hopes that the arranged marriage will be everything her parents had.


Demon Angel (The Guardians, #1) by Meljean Brook

No caso de Savitri e Colin foi apenas um detalhe. I read “Demon Night” from this series out of order and that’s the one that got me hooked.

While I thought Colin was an amusing, intriguing character in Demon AngelI wasn’t sure Meljean could pull him off as a hero. In Demon Moonwe get to go inside his head and discover the real man. Meljean lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and daughter. She speaks many different languages, is a professional hacker, and is surrounded by angels and demons, whom she calls her friends.

I found Brook’s world-building easier to follow this time and while I remembered next to nothing about the previous book, mooon dropped enough hints for me to pick up all the important points that were needed for this one. Born as the creation and daughter of the Morningstar, Lilith served Lucifer at first with utter glee and devotion, reveling in her role of collecting the damned for the armies Below.

The only part that kept me involved was the intense relationship and continued connection between Hugh and Lilith. Aug 21, Jess the Romanceaholic rated it really liked it Shelves: The second half of this book was much better than the first half. I just couldn’t care that much about the community of vampires in San Francisco, and the Nosferatu This was definitely enjoyable.

But, what I did enjoy was Lilith and Hugh. She can do no wrong and I will love any book she writes with a fiery passion. Intriguingly, Colin’s blood is tainted so that if anyone drinks from him, they will die.


Demon Moon

Lilith is a Demon who serves but brooo though she is sarcastic, manipulative and lies alot, you can’t really dislike her. Open Preview See a Problem?

Don’t get me wrong, I like authors that challenge the reader to pay attention and read the fine print. Apr 14, Broook babs rated it it was amazing Shelves: Ultimately, she must choose between saving Hugh or her own soul — a tough call for anyone, much less someone so jaded by centuries of service and torture. The three biggest things that annoyed me about this book: I loved the topsy-turvy gender-bending relationship they had – she was the seductress, the rake.

Vampires have to feed from other vampires and often enough they sleep with the ones they feed from. What can Meluean say? But on the other hand, it dragged so much in points that I literally found myself asking “does this book ever end?? To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. They meet constantly in battles, and Hugh’s intention has always been bby save Lilith, until he figures to do that he has to kill her, which he does and then “falls” becoming human again.