When looking for a used DECKEL FP1 for sale, it is helpful to make sure that the instructions manual and operating instructions, the data sheet spec are also. New electical cabinet with emergencystop. Safety hood with electrical switch. Collets with sleeve S20x2 Drill chuck. Some toolholders and tooling. Add to cart.

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I think I concluded that you have to start by removing top shaft with the long gear that the horizontal head engages with first and then remove the two lower shafts. And to get around my transmission gear problem the machine has a 1HP DC motor with a variable speed drive, a good match for the FP1. What does this mean for buyers?

For sale: A used Deckel FP1 Dividing Head FVT with Handwheel

These first models had a table feed rate of mm mm for later models. What other tooling was available for an FP4?

Obviously the travels are shorter. Ebenweiler, Germany dealership location. Here are some additional photos of the dekel testing of the front face of the column. Toolroom milling machine Deckel FP1 Active. A universal swivel table, an electric lid belongs to the machine Bb8hll9wnb Water pump, the Splash Guard plate in the foot and a forest man light.

Try our Machineseeker app now! Erik, I was already planning to install an electric feed motor and have already worked out most of the details. The machine has Deckrl 40! Also, because of the layout of the ways in this design of machine, you don’t have any horizontal ways for chips to land on and get ground in like on the Y axis ways of a BP, which is probably why Deckwl see tons of BP’s with record groove ways and haven’t seen the same on a single Deckel yet.


Toolroom milling machine Deckel FP1

The extreme top of the slide looked unworn as did a small section at the bottom left hand looking from the front of the machine adjacent to the dovetail. Deckel FP1 vs Bridgeport? Including the following parts: The electrical and electronics fp11 excluded, because it has undergone only a functional test. Scraping marks were present at the top of the slides and to a lesser extent at the bottom.

Deckel FP declel with vertical dividing head and overarm mounted.

decoel FP with maker’s countershaft drive. Dear John, This is beautiful work, thanks for posting the pictures. Stan It does help. Used examples are now available very reasonably, and it’s possible to invest in an example with basic equipment, in sound working order, for little more than the price of a new, but larger Far Eastern machine of eeckel quality.

My FP1 is serial numberonly four units away. Search Offers Advanced search Dealers Auctions.

The upper stop, to limit the table’s vertical rise, was fitted with a micrometer adjustment. Table movements were around tp1 longitudinally and mm vertically with the “Y” in-and-out movement made by the head – the travel being in the order of mm.

Rebuilding an old Deckel FP1

The wear parts are replaced and the machine is checked and ready for use. Being relatively complex machines, with finely made parts, dismantling requires a certain mechanical sympathy. Again, you can get all the toys for almost all the Deckels, but it is very rare to find If booked within XX: Kaufungen, Germany dealership location. Now the thing with the FP-2’s is that they most likely surpass the BP by a fair margin in cutting power, but it is much harder to find attachments for.


This latter location is unworn because deckek the taper gib strip. Stops were provided drckel automatic tripping on all table movements. Info-mailer for “DECKEL FP 1” By entering and confirming your email address, you will receive an e-mail notification as soon as new offers are received for your search. To fl1 it into context the error over the length of the gearbox shaft is 0.

What do we check? Standard Vertical Head – driven from internal gearing by the main motor. Wonderful tool room milling machine Fabr. Lid FP1 active digital milling machine. Buyer complaints can lead to the withdrawal of the seal. By entering and confirming your email address, you will receive an e-mail notification as soon as new offers are received for your search. Note the large table-feed micrometer dials.

It is consequently State, which applied at the time of the respective year of manufacture. As a matter of fact, it is much harder to find attachments for most of the larger Deckels. Heads Several types of vertical head and cutter supports were available: Lid FP1 angular model, built in with a rigid table, 3-axis digital display, continuous feed, SK 40 spindle carrier.