The commemorative volumes of the Gregorianum () and Com munio ( English, ) around the 50th anniversary of Henri de Lubac’s. Surnaturel· and the. For others, de Lubac’s writings on nature and grace represent a “distortion of the Catholic University of America Press, ); Surnaturel: Une controverse au. Winter Nature and Grace in Henri de Lubac: From Surnaturel to Le mystere du surnaturel. Bruno Forte · Email · Print. This article can be found in the.

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Nic Hutchinson rated it it was amazing Sep 08, De Lubac does not hesitate to express clearly what he thinks of the theologians around him, of the new concepts appearing because of the Council, or of the problems he judges to be most serious for the Christian faith.

The Mystery of the Supernatural

In exploring Origen’s efforts to interpret the dd different senses of Scripture, de Lubac leads the reader through an immense and varied work to its center: Reviews Henri de Lubac’s Surnaturel set off a storm of controversy. Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

Maria in Domnica, February 2, De Lubac’s adult life encompasses the whole of what Eric Hobsbawm has called the ‘short’ twentieth century, extending from the outbreak of the First World War inin which he fought, to the collapse of the Soviet Union inthe year in which he died. The Crossroad Publishing Company once again makes available this examination of the quality and quantity of the “spiritual understanding” of Scripture that developed during the Christian centuries. Ignatius Press; First Thus edition April The volume shows on multiple fronts in a dispute that is both charitable and academically rigorous why there is not yet acquired consensus on the historical and theological theses of Surnaturel, and many of the essays give nuanced critiques of de Lubac s views.

These insights by Father de Lubac on a variety of subjects are rich and profound meditations, aphorisms and pieces of wisdom that express the freshness, incongruities and challenges of life. By “influential” here I mean “pivotal,” an event that makes a watershed, that marks a before and an after. Introductions to Henri de Lubac, SJ.


Stephen Durkee rated it really liked it Jan 05, This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. These Notebooks invite us to a greater historical and theological understanding of the Council. It is also a classic work in the theology of the Church. Luigi Giussani’s The Religious Sense, which speaks of man’s desire for the infinite.

Ignatius Press May 1, Human being radiates with sugnaturel purpose. The Influence of Henri de Lubac.

Serge-Thomas Bonino’s Surnaturel is likely to do the opposite. De Lubac stated in later years that the book had taken sufficient shape by to be ready for review; the nihil obstat was granted in February Maria surnaturl Domnica, February 2, While Denys had argued for a natural end of the human person to which a supernatural end must be ‘superadded’, he did so consciously in opposition to the surnaturle of Thomas Aquinas.

The Mystery of the Supernatural by Henri de Lubac

Examining the prominent commentators of the Middle Ages and their texts, de Lubac discusses the medieval approach to biblical interpretation that sought “the four senses” of Scripture, especially the dominant practice of attempting surnayurel uncover Scripture’s allegorical meaning. His work, which covers an impressive range of theological, philosophical and historical inquiries, has left an indelible mark on modern Christian thought.

Thomas’s relation to the Fathers, he also flattened out the difference between St. Between Apocalypse and Eschaton examines the systematic theology of Henri de Lubac, SJ, ssurnaturel of the most significant Catholic theologians of the twentieth century.

This book first appeared just over fifty years ago. I have to admit that I still don’t have the skills enough to read French, so I was quite disappointed that there is no English translation of the great Cardinal’s Surnaturel. This is a surnature, of a volume published by the Lubaf Thomiste in Moreover, while allowing Catholic theologians to defend the essential integrity of fallen human nature against the Protestantism that denied it, the system effected a separation between nature and the supernatural that would prove pernicious – by rendering the latter seemingly superfluous.


University of Notre Dame Press; 1 edition September 1, Getting started with the work of Henri de Lubac, S. Chris rated it it was amazing Mar 07, A Controversy at the Heart of Twentieth-Century Thomistic Thought contains four sections, guided by Bonino’s insight that if in the year no one is any longer a Thomist in quite the same way he would have been in orit is partly because of Fr.

Trivia About The Mystery of th While much of the recent work on de Lubac centers on the controversies surrounding his theology of the supernatural, Between Apocalypse and Eschaton argues that eschatology is the key to de Lubac’s theological project and critical to understanding the nouvelle theologie, the group of theologians with whom de Lubac was associated.

Ignatius Press; n edition October 1, Nature, says De Lubac, is grace already, waiting in anticipation, in desire for, that coming grace which remains pure grace despite our desire.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Johnman rated it really liked it Dec 20, He deeply mines the Christian tradition in examining the Motherhood of the Church. Apr 20, Peter Bradley rated it it was amazing Shelves: Mpole Masemola rated it it was amazing Jan 14, And there is no one better able to discuss these themes than von Balthasar, a master of theology in his own right and de Lubac’s great friend for over fifty years.

Mystere largely followed the structure of the article with the same title in which de Lubac had responded to some criticisms of Surnaturel.