Why are people around the world so very different? What makes us live, buy, even love as we do? The answers are in the codes. In The Culture Code. The Culture Code – by Clotaire Rapaille. ISBN: Date read: How strongly I recommend it: 6/10 (See my list of + books, for more.). Dr. Rapaille: Culture Codes Deciphered 2. The mysterious world of consumer behavior revolves around individuals’ cultural psyche. A world renowned cultural .

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These codes—the Culture Code—are what make us American, or German, or French, and they invisibly shape how we behave in our personal lives, even when we are completely culfure of our motives. Cutlure of a child told by his parents to avoid a hot pan on a stove. He covers presidents, sex, cars, etc. Rapaille displays a particular knack at getting to the core values of various cultures American, French, German, English, etc. I rapaile have expected some more case studies from other countries from different cont The Culture Code started out as a very promising read with a very interesting concept.

I want to own this one just to remember the codes – or maybe I’ll just write them all down before I take it back to the library.

The Culture Code, by Clotaire Rapaille | DiversityMine

This is not a global book in any sense. For the Americans by an American. I have a better understanding of Ameri Wow! ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Chapter Two gives an overview of the U.

It is here that Rapaille’s model starts to depart from those of other scholars. I went off in search of the codes hidden within the unconscious of every culture. Why is fat a solution rather than a problem? Their strategy, which today seems absurdly wrong but wasn”t as clear-cut in the ”70s, was to try to convince Japanese consumers to switch from tea to coffee.


Rapaille suggests being overweight isn’t a problem, but a solution. There are two key concepts: Rapaille ties this in to Levi-Staussian structuralism, but one could more generally look at it in terms of social and semantic structure broadly.

In the third hour, I had participants lie on the floor with cultuge. Rapaille writes about some of the interview sessions he had with people that helped him figure out the CODES, including details to support his claim that for the most part, I agree with, and am planning to use in my life to be both on or ccode code given the situation.

Based on my personal experience, the vast majority of his findings are largely on target, even though some are unexpected and maybe initially counterintitive, but of course that only adds to their value. I originally ordered this for a college paper, it was one of my options for a business course.

Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Aug 17, Ashley rated it it was ok Shelves: To summarize his general view of American culture, Rapaille describes us as being dreamers who are optimistic by nature, and who likewise have an outsized appetite for everything achievement, status, money, houses, cars, food, love, physical attractiveness, health and longevity, etc. Even though the rapaile is in the category of business and marketing it is more in the realm of practical anthropology and is definitely worth a second read.

These guiding principles have been used in auditing organisational cultures and in stakeholder interviewing for a long time. And this was realy interesting. If it does, the book will cultuer more of this. I have recently read a couple of books that attempt to explain macro phenomenon by looking through the lens of the culture of its people.

Rapaille covered Paul D. As a non-american, I found this focus on America rather limiting and dissatisfying. Don’t get me wrong, it’s very interesting. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway.


And codw finally explains why people around the world really are different, and reveals the hidden clues to understanding us all. Also, their presentation felt a little pseudosciency at times. Feb 01, Ala rated it really liked it. These Codes—the Culture Code—are what make us American, or German, or French, and they invisibly shape how we behave in our culure lives, even when we are completely unaware of our motives. Reading this book, you’ll also understand various culture codes, which is the unconscious meaning we apply to any given rxpaille.

We correspondingly tolerate and even expect mistakes, but we also expect people to fix and learn from their mistakes, and to bounce back from failures, preferably smarter and stronger than before; we especially like it when people overcome great adversity not of their own making.

The Culture Code

Why do we reject the notion of perfection? This set me on the course of my life”s work. This is by far one of the most fascinating books I’ve read in quite a while, started out strong made me go WOW while I was reading the introduction. Rather than selling instant coffee to a country dedicated to tea, they created desserts for children infused with the flavor of coffee but without the caffeine.

Business English

Jan 30, Vinod Peris rated it it was amazing. How they feel about it?

Customers who bought this item also bought. It did something much more important for me, however. I would have expected some more eapaille studies from other countries from different continents.