Detailed Description. Arrays are used to store data which is referenced sequentially or as a stack. Functions are provided to push and pop individual elements. Cours libre Pascal Fares, en Informatique, sciences et technologies. Once Apache is running with mod_ssl you’ll have to register the domain component of . Video created by University of California San Diego for the course “Hadoop Platform and Application Framework”. Welcome to the first module of the Big Data .

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Consulter les interfaces utilisateurs d’administrations III. Enter valid data, because everything you enter here later shows up in the certificate.

L’installation se fera avec la distribution Linux Ubuntu Creating a self-signed certificate is an interactive nine-step process.

A port number previously declared with the NameVirtualHost directive is optional. Installation Hadoop V1 courw la distribution Apache: X fournie avec la distribution de Cloudera.

Apache localhost / ~nom d’utilisateur/ ne fonctionne pas

It creates or overwrites the files listed below. The access log file for this virtual host. Publicly operating secure Web servers usually have got an officially signed certificate. With the help of Alias directives, URLs can be mapped to physical file system locations. Create the distinguished name for the server key here.

Compilation & Installation — MapServer documentation

The HTTP Server Configuration dialog also lets you make even more adjustments to the configuration than the wizard which only runs if you configure your Web server for the first time.


Si votre machine n’est en cours d’utilisation par vous et le serveur web ne fonctionnera que sous votre compte, vous pouvez modifier l’utilisateur. Ne modifiez pas ce fichier. If you want to apwche2 the CSR for later reference though you probably won’t need it anymore there also is a directory named ssl.

Change into the CGI directory and use the command chmod test. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy couurs, Privacy Policyand our Wpache2 of Service.

Dans la suite de ce tutoriel, nous utiliserons Cloudera apach2e Standard. The error log file for this virtual host. If you do so, you must specify the path to the certificate as well. Adresse e-mail de l’administrateur du serveur.

In the last step of the dialog, you are given the opportunity to enter the expert configuration mode to make even more specific settings. In this version it isolates each request and handles it by forking a separate child process.

While providing stability with this process-based approach, the prefork MPM consumes more system resources than its counterpart, the worker MPM. In Listen on PortsAddEditor Delete addresses and ports on which the server should be available. CustomLog The access log file for this virtual host.

Do not attempt to run this command from outside apach2 directory. Dans le cadre de cet article, j’utiliserai la distribution de la compagnie Cloudera.

You should not change these permissions. Autres questions sur macos apache localhost osx-elcapitan osx-yosemite. Scripts that will be executed from the server should only be installed from sources the server administrator trusts—allowing users to run their own scripts is generally not a good idea. Un tutoriel de Yahoo sur l’installation Hadoop V1: SSL requests will be handled by the first Virtual host defined for port Enter the ip address Add one or more filenames space-separated if you want to change this.


As you commented that one of the posters below sufficiently solved the issue – please mark that answer as the accepted one. Allows you to tell clients about documents that used to exist in your server’s namespace, but do not anymore. Apache can be extended by advanced users by writing custom modules.

The opening VirtualHost tag takes the IP address or fully qualified domain name previously declared with the NameVirtualHost as an argument in a name-based virtual host configuration. For this purpose, the server sends an SSL certificate that holds information proving the server’s valid identity before any request to a URL is answered.

This approach makes Apache perform better by consuming fewer system resources than the prefork MPM. Maximum number of Ranges in a request before returning the cougs resource, or one of the special values ‘default’, ‘none’ or ‘unlimited’.