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A simulation study on the optimal control of buffeting displacement for the Sutong Bridge with multiple tuned mass dampers[J]. Journal of Zhejiang University Science A,15 4: The buffeting of long-span cable-supported cprologico under strong winds is one of the key issues in bridge wind engineering. In order to study the effectiveness of the multiple tuned mass dampers MTMDs in buffeting control of long-span bridges, the Sutong Cable-stayed Bridge SCB with a main span of m in China is taken as an example in this paper.

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After the 3D turbulence wind field of the SCB is simulated using the measured wind parameters, the time-domain buffeting analysis on the SCB is conducted with the aerodynamic self-excited forces included.

The optimum parameters are then obtained with the construction difficulty and economic factors considered. Results show that the control efficiency is sensitive to the number of the Interpretaacion, mass ratio, frequency band-width ratio, and damping ratio. Both the vertical and the lateral vibrations can be effectively controlled when proper design parameters of a MTMD system are used.

In addition, coprologcio control effect on lateral vibration is better than that on vertical vibration.

Results obtained in this study can provide references for anti-wind design and buffeting control of long-span cable-stayed bridge s.

The PSDs of the buffeting displacements show that the first-order lateral bending mode dominates the lateral wind-induced buffeting responses of the SCB, and the first-order vertical bending mode dominates the vertical wind-induced buffeting responses. The control efficiency is sensitive to the parameters of MTMD including the number of TMD, mass ratio, frequency band-width ratio, and damping ratio.

The mass ratio and frequency band-width ratio are relatively sensitive among these influence parameters.

For wind-induced buffeting displacements in both the lateral and vertical directions, interpreacion control efficiency increases positively with the increment of the mass ratio. However, the total mass of the MTMD is limited to the economic and construction factors. The control efficiency of the lateral displacements decreases with the increment of the frequency band-width ratio, while the control efficiency of interpreetacion vertical displacements increases before the frequency band-width ratio reaches 0.


By using the optimization module in ANSYS, the optimal parameters of the MTMD system on the SCB can be conveniently obtained based on the first-order optimization method, and the optimal results can then be verified by the zero-order optimization method. Both the vertical and the lateral vibrations can be effectively controlled when the optimal design parameters of MTMD system are used, and the lateral MTMD system performs a better control effect than the vertical MTMD system, which has been proved in both time-domain and frequency-domain.

Coprologia funcional.

Therefore, MTMD systems with optimal mechanical parameters are thought to be an efficient method to suppress buffeting responses of the SCB. Semi-active control of a cable-stayed Seismic response study on a Parametrically excited oscillation of Digital simulation of 3D turbulence Optimal arrangement of viscoelastic Dynamic simulation and optimal Nonlinear stochastic optimal bounded Optimal design of Stewart platforms Parameter effects on the dynamic Simulation of a 3D fluctuating wind field 4.

Structural finite element model and dynamic properties 5. Time-domain buffeting analysis of the SCB 6. Reference List Open peer comments. Table 1 The first 20 natural frequencies and mode shapes of the SCB. Table 2 Displacement responses in the middle of the main girder. To unify the unit, the torsional displacement angle has been multiplied by a half of the deck width. Dynamic characterization of multiple tuned mass dampers and some design formulas.

Optimal placement of passive dampers on seismic and wind-excited buildings using combinatorial optimization. Aerodynamic problems of a super-long span cable-stayed bridge.

Advanced analysis of coupled buffeting response of bridges: Investigation on influence factors of buffeting response of bridges and its aeroelastic model verification for Xiaoguan Bridges. Performance of LIDAR- and radar-based turbulence intensity measurement in comparison with anemometer-based turbulence intensity estimation based on aircraft data for a typical case of terrain-induced turbulence in association with a typhoon.


Simulation of ergodic multivariate stochastic processes. Der e-modul von seilen unter berucksichtigung des durchhanges.

Design formulas for tuned mass dampers corologico on a perturbation technique. Improving the wind and temperature measurements of an airborne meteorological measuring system. Parametric study on multiple tuned mass dampers for buffeting control of Yangpu Bridge.

Optimal tuned mass damper for seismic applications and practical design formulas. Vibration control using multiple tuned dampers. Spectral characteristics of surface layer turbulence.

Performance of multiple mass dampers under random loading. Optimization criteria for tuned mass dampers for structural vibration control under stochastic innterpretacion. Constrained reliability-based optimization of linear tuned mass dampers for seismic control. A comparison between different optimization criteria for tuned mass dampers design.

Standards Press of China,Beijing: Performance of distributed multiple viscoelastic tuned mass dampers for floor vibration applications.

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The spectrum of vertical velocity near the surface. Optimal vibration absorber with nonlinear viscous power law damping and white noise excitation. Effects of turbulence on bridge flutter derivatives.

Wind Effects on Structures, 3rd Edition.

Coprologia funcional. (Article, ) []

Damper placement for seismic control of super-long-span suspension bridges based on the first-order optimization method. Comparison of ambient vibration response of the Runyang Suspension Bridge under skew winds with time-domain numerical predictions.

Digital simulation of interoretacion turbulence wind field of Sutong Bridge based on measured wind spectra. Comparative study on buffeting performance of Sutong Bridge based on design and measured spectrum. Long-term monitoring of wind characteristics at Sutong Bridge site. Study on wind-induced vibration control of a long-span cable-stayed bridge using TMD-type counterweight. Buffeting analysis of a long span bridges: Please provide your name, email address and a comment Your Name: Comment Please comment in English: Verification Code click to change a pic: