1. Old News, But Not Enough People Know It This is old news, but old news that most people don’t know about, because Citigroup has been. Ajay Kapur, global strategist at Citigroup, and his research team came up with the term “Plutonomy” in to describe a country that is defined. Equity risk premium embedded in “global imbalances” are unwarranted. Citigroup’s second Plutonomy report, titled “Revisiting Plutonomy.

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Download a copy of these memos. In one of the two memos made famous in Michael Moore’s film Capitalism: Furthermore, the rising wealth gap between the rich and poor will probably at some point lead to a political backlash. Both memos can be downloaded herebut the first one seems to be a bit corrupted. The rise of this inequality is not universal. Of course, Naomi Klein, being a journalist rather than an investment banker, spent time with the victims of all these policies and equiry was pretty pissed off about them.

Michael Moore referred to them in Capitalism: Yes, they are real, and instead of being discussed on mainstream media outlets all over America and beyond, Qeuity was surprisingly successful so far in suppressing these memos, using their lawyers to issue takedown-notices whenever these memos were being made available for download on the internet. Companies by profit and loss Largest companies by revenue Largest financial services companies by revenue Largest manufacturing companies by revenue Public corporations by market capitalization Wealthiest organizations.

Citigroup explains how the “non-rich” consumers become increasingly irrelevant within the “plutonomies”:. Email required Address never made public. Retrieved from ” https: The World is dividing into two blocs — the Plutonomy and the rest. Disruptive technology-driven productivity gains, creative financial innovation, capitalist- friendly cooperative governments, an international dimension of immigrants and overseas conquests invigorating wealth creation, the rule of law, and patenting inventions.


Citigroup reports available for download here: In three reports for super-rich Citigroup clients published in anda team of Citigroup analysts elaborated on their thesis that the share plutonommy the very rich in national income of plutonomies had become so large that what is going on in these economies and in their relation with other economies cannot be properly understood any more with reference to the average consumer: PIMCO’s Bill Gross is also advising investors in the world’s largest mutual fund that policies that protect US wages from developing world competition would be bad for investment returns.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Asset booms, a rising profit share and favourable treatment by market-friendly governments have allowed the rich to prosper and become a greater share of the economy in the plutonomy countries. Notify me of new comments via email.

Comments on issue 74 – repaired post and read comments on issue You are commenting using your Twitter account. The Vitigroup Getting Richer” deals mainly with the consequences for investments which follow the analysis in the first memo.

Ultimately, the rise in income and wealth inequality to some extent is an economic disenfranchisement of the masses to eqhity benefit of the few. For example, inUK government withdrawal of financial support bankrupted Railtrack, the UK rail operator, effectively re-nationalizing railway assets on the cheap. It is easy to drown in a lake with an average depth of 4 feet, if one steps into its deeper extremes.


Plutonomy – Wikipedia

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Notify me of new comments via email. Update on Tuesday, January 24, at From Citigroup, Equity Strategy, March 5, emphasis added.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Well anyway, nice to know that great minds think alike, as it were. The Uber-rich, the plutonomists, are likely to see net worth-income ratios surge, driving luxury consumption.

The link you provided no longer works. However, they warn that in the short-term there is potential for a backlash. So the analysts started to think about “losers”as they call them, or the people who could stratrgy a bath, as Newt Gingrich would call it.

The October memo is here. This site uses cookies. The March Plutonomy memo, quoted above, has been taken down from the linked site at the request of Citi.


This is a cause championed, generally, by left-wing politicians. Equity multiples appear too low, the profit share of Shrategy is high and likely going higher, stocks look likely to beat housing, and we are bullish on equities. Link an External Response Have a response on your own site? In and Citigroup issued two now notorious but highly significant reports for the exclusive use of its stratety clients. Edward Fullbrook has posted some new locations for the Plutonomy Memos.

Download the Citigroup plutonomy memos here: Over one million full-text copies of RWER papers are downloaded per year.