THE word salvation is used in the Bible to indicate a work of God in behalf of man . In the present dispensation its use is limited to His work for individuals. This little work by my good friend, Mr. Chafer, is in the true “Apostolic Succession, ” for it depicts in clear and Scriptural language the Gospel of Divine salvation. Dr. Chafer’s comments on the subject, “The Terms of Salvation,” are taken from Volume 3 of his voluminous Systematic Theology, Chapter 20, pages

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This question has been raised by unbelief and may well be answered by first discovering just what part the soldiers took in that great event as it is viewed in the Bible. When Christ came offering Himself to Israel as their Messiah and announcing their kingdom as at hand, He, with John and the apostles, called on that people to repent in preparation chfer the proffered kingdom.

Of all the seed sown in the chafe but a small fraction became “wheat,” the children of the kingdom. In presenting the Gospel to these salvatiob there are one hundred and fifteen passages at least wherein the word “believe” is cchafer alone and apart from every other condition as the only way of salvation.

Objects of His peace, “And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which ye are called in one body” Col. It is a “reasonable service. The following are the opening words to the letter to the Hebrews:.

What He has said must be carefully weighed and personally applied.

Usernames should only contain letters, numbers, dots, dashes, or underscores. They, like Christians, being covenant people, are privileged to return to God on the grounds of their covenant by repentance. Hence, I believe that ” Blue Letter Bible is a c 3 nonprofit organization. That username is already taken Error: When the true and sufficient sacrifice was accomplished, that sacrifice stood as a full proof that God had been righteous in all the generations wherein He had freely acted in view of that great event which was yet to come.


The misinterpretation will usually be easily discovered by a careful examination of the whole context. Preview — Salvation by Lewis Sperry Chafer. This most naturally includes abandoning all other grounds of hope, and the experiencing of such sorrow for sin as would lead one to claim such a Saviour. Praying is not believing on the Lord Jesus Christ; though the new attitude of belief may be expressed in prayer.

Follow the Blue Letter Bible on: The carelessness which assumes that this Scripture presents a condition of salvation for a Jew or a Gentile in the present age is deplorable indeed.

It is obvious that no attempt to imitate this manner of life could result in such exalted positions; but the positions, when wrought of God, create an entirely new demand in life and conduct in the Word of God these demands are never laid upon unregenerate men. Though He love the sinner, there are unalterable conditions to be met in upholding His justice and personal character.

The human heart is prone sslvation imagine that there is some form of atonement for sin through being sorry for it. Such are the marvels of His grace.

Lewis Sperry Chafer :: Chapter One: The Word Salvation

It is asserted that repentance, which is a change of mind, enters of necessity into the very act of believing on Christ, since one cannot turn to Christ from other objects of confidence without that change of mind. He recognizes such ministries of love by that which He has been pleased to call “rewards.

Passwords do not match Error: It was in the divine councils from the foundation of the world and its accomplishment is unto a heavenly state above angels and archangels, yea, into the very image of Christ.

The effect of the message has been far reaching, men generally believe in certain facts the knowledge of which could come only from the Scriptures of Truth; but men do not always pause to consider all of God’s message and its personal application to them with its necessary demands upon their faith.


Salvation: God’s Marvelous Work of Grace by Lewis Sperry Chafer

The negative form is translated by three English words in the New Testament: There could cafer no greater contrast of possible estates for man than those described in these passages. Here is a reference to that assurance which is the full conviction that every promise and revelation concerning the future will be surely fulfilled.

Sermon Notes for Isaiah 9: It is faith in the Saviour Who gave His precious blood a ransom for all. Much of the whole divine undertaking in salvation is accomplished in the saved one at the moment he exercises saving faith.

The subsequent truth in this passage grows out of the primary statement of verse 14, wherein it is said that the death of Christ was for all, and, therefore, in a legal sense, all have died in that death. The very proposal of such a question serves only to demonstrate the unwisdom and disregard for revealed truth which this error exhibits.

It is our divinely given opportunity to express our love to Him to the praise of the Glory of His grace. In other words, God is not propitious respecting sin; He is propitious toward those only who have prepared themselves for His presence and fellowship. As before stated, but two obstacles could hinder the satisfaction of divine love—the sin of the creature He loves and the will of that creature. Election is certainly of God Rom. It is in no way related to right conduct.