But, finally with some incredible teamwork from the EMC vSpecialist squad I now present the complete Celerra UBER VSA Guide v1. This guide. Download Celerra UBER VSA Guide v1 Description. Celerra UBER Virtual Storage Appliance Guide v1 EMC Corporation vSpecialist Team February The new Celerra UBER VSA uses this intelligence to now allow *Thin* Configuration is now Perl/Bash based instead of just Bash to keep.

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Celerra UBER VSA Guide v1 – Free Download PDF

Execute the self-extracting executable to a sub-directory of your choice and start the install by clicking on the auto install file 7. The primary page displayed when launching the Celerra VSA opens a pop-up window to manage the Celerra.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. A pop-up window will be presented to enter appropriate settings for the storage interface This is required for all logins to the Celerra VSA. This will launch a step-by-step wizard to allow you to choose options of how to deploy this OVA.

This is labeled “Network Portal” in the dialog box above.

The issue on performance on swap is really weird as this is not the case on any other virtual server. Still only a single data mover. Select Your Local Interconnect This only occurs the first time a browser accesses the VSA.

After the configuration finishes, it will create the NFS mount point and login to the hosts specified to add the datastore for you automatically. It will also allow you to choose the location. Enter File System Details This is useful only in the case that you are looking to have a full functioning Celerra management environment with minimal alerts and aligned as close as possible felerra the hardware.


Click Continue to accept the user agreement. After you click Finish, you will notice the following tasks in your vSphere Client: Now that the initial setup we can add some VMware Datastores.

There are two default network connections for the Celerra VSA.

EMC vVNX for your Home Lab

Ensure your LUN was created without errors. For simplicity, you can keep both network connections mapped to the same VM network. Please enter a title. Please help us to share our service with your friends. Switch to the Unisphere interface, and select the Sharing dropdown. To use the native software iSCSI adapter, it must be enabled.

Review the summary screen and click Finish. Create Destination Celerra 8.

EMC Community Network – DECN: Optimizing the Celerra VSA

The following instructions will detail how to log into the Celerra VSA. It is helpful to record the size in your notes as you are creating the LUN to ensure you know the exact value you used during creation.

Optional Provide a Schedule and Bandwidth Limits Then, at Section 3. Binding Your Target 3. For this reason it is important that best practices be maintained for the Linux platform if you are looking for optimal operations. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Steps demonstrate how to proceed when using Firefox 3.


Choose Network File System and click Next 3. When prompted to rescan the host bus adapter, select Yes. This will list information such as version, download size, description, etc. If you create the iSCSI target manually without using the wizardyou must be sure to enter the IP address to which it will be bound. Verify the Replication Guixe then click Close Setting a Schedule is not necessary – By celerar, all available bandwidth is used at all times for the interconnect.

Click ‘New Interconnect’ and provide a name for the local Interconnect Select ‘File System’ for Replication Type.

Gsa Wizard will go ahead and create the appropriate entries for Celerra Network Servers on the remote side; this saves you the time yber doing it yourself, as outlined in the previous section s.

Once you login, there is a nifty little wizard to get you started. We need your help to maintenance this website. After the VSA is powered on, a script will walk you through the rest of the configuration.

This can help with the administrative interface response times and IO operations. Choose a storage pool from which to create the datastore 6.

Select File Systems from the Storage drop down to begin the process.