Thus it is no surprise that every stirring in the field of theology also has repercussions in that of catechesis. In this period immediately after the Council, the. Magisterial Documents: Catechesi Tradendae. Apostolic Exhortation on Catechesis in Our Time Pope John Paul II 16 October The full document is . Perhaps no other papal document more eloquently articulates the importance of catechesis in our time — and how to undertake it — than Catechesi Tradendae.

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She was “both mother and disciple,” as St. However, we must not fall into the opposite extreme, as too often happens.

7 things I learnt from Catechesi Tradendae by JP2 – The Prodigal Catholic Blog

Language Suited to the Service of the Credo It is also directed to those who in childhood received a catechesis suited to their age but who later drifted away from all religious practice and as adults find themselves with religious knowledge of a rather childish kind. They have a right, like others of their age, to know “the mystery of faith. Not only her geographical extension and numerical increase, but even more, her inner growth and correspondence with God’s plan depend essentially on catechesis.

Catechesi Tradendae [1]Catechesis in Our Time, is a post- synodal apostolic exhortation of Pope John Paul IIpublished October 16,on the topic of catechesis in the contemporary period. It is also quite useless to campaign for the abandonment of serious and orderly study of the message of Christ in the name of a method concentrating on life experience. It is carechesi to see that Catholic organizations especially dedicated to young handicapped people contributed to the synod a renewed desire to deal better with this important problem.

In certain places, the desire to find the best forms of expression or to keep up with fashions in pedagogical methods has often enough resulted in certain catechetical works which bewilder the young and even adults, either by deliberately or unconsciously omitting elements essential to the Church’s faith, or by attributing excessive importance to certain themes at the expense of others, or, chiefly, by a rather horizontalist overall view out of keeping with the teaching of the Church’s magisterium.

Whatever one may think, the parish is still a major tradendaw of reference for the Christian catechssi, even for the non-practicing.

A Fruitful Synod 3. This is a field in which diocesan, interdiocesan or national cooperation proves fertile and fruitful. That is how it was considered by the fathers of the fourth general assembly of the teadendae, although they also drew attention to the conditions necessary for that variety to be useful and not harmful to the unity of the teaching of the one Faith.


Catechesi Tradendae

Yet tradnedae instances are the meetings of ecclesial basic communities, in so far as they correspond to the criteria laid down in the Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii nuntiandi. To put it more precisely: The Council has called you “instructors in the faith” ; there is no better way for you to be such instructors than by devoting your best efforts to the growth of your communities in the faith.

Return to top of page. The starting point, evangelization, is ideally followed by, as the message states, “continued growth and maturation in faith. This revelation tells of a creating and redeeming God, Whose Son has come among us in our flesh and enters ttradendae only into each individual’s personal history but into human history itself, becoming its center.

Ordo Initiationis Christianae Adultorum, ; Jean Frisk and Danielle M. Besides these great professions of faith of the magisterium, note also the popular professions of faith, rooted in the traditional Christian culture of actechesi countries; cf.

Paul often condemned in his pastoral letters. As I said recently to the members of the Biblical Commission: Besides, integrity does not dispense from balance and from the organic hierarchical character through which the truths to be taught, the norms to be transmitted, and the ways of Christian life to be indicated will be given the proper importance due to each. Pope Paul VI himself had dealt catecheei the problem in no less tradenade terms in the introduction to his Solemn Profession of Faith and in the apostolic exhortation marking the fifth anniversary of the close of the Second Vatican Council.

This revelation is not however isolated from life or artificially juxtaposed to it. It is a work of prime importance.

7 things I learnt from Catechesi Tradendae by JP2

On the other hand, authentic practice of the sacraments is bound to have a catechetical aspect. Catechesis and Life Experience On the one hand, it is certainly a duty springing from a command given by the Lord and resting above all on those who in the new covenant receive the call to the ministry of being pastors. Respecting the specific nature and proper cadence of this setting, the homily takes up again the journey of faith put forward by catechesis, and brings it to its natural fulfillment.

I now wish to speak of the actual setting in which all these catechists normally work. It is obvious that a catechesis which denounces selfishness in the name of generosity, and which without any illusory over-simplification presents the Christian meaning of work, of the common good, of justice and charity, a catechesis on international peace and on the advancement of human dignity, on development, and on liberation, as these are presented in recent documents of the Church, 88 fittingly completes in the minds of the young the good catechesis on strictly religious realities which is never to be neglected.


AAS 56pp. The Synod worked in an exceptional atmosphere of thanksgiving and hope. A catechesis capable of leading the adolescent to reexamine his or her life and to engage in dialogue, a catechesis that does not ignore the adolescent’s great questions – self-giving, belief, love and the means of expressing it constituted by sexuality – such a catechesis can be decisive.

It is comforting to think that at the present time every country is seeing valuable collaboration for a more organic and more secure renewal of these aspects of catechetics.

Then there are the traditional missions, often too hastily dropped but irreplaceable for the periodic and vigorous renewal of Christian life – they should be revived and brought up to date. How are we to enable them to know the meaning, the import, the fundamental requirements, the law of love, the promises and the hopes of this kingdom? Finally, even adults are not safe from temptations to doubt or to abandon their faith, especially as a result of their unbelieving surroundings.

There is also a pedagogy of faith, and the good that it can do for catechesis cannot be overstated. Authentic catechesis, according to the Synod fathers and stressed in the document, is fundamentally Christocentric. Very soon the name of catechesis was given to the whole of the efforts within the Church to make disciples, to help people to believe that Jesus is the Son of God, so that believing they might have life in His name, 3 and to educate and instruct them in this life and thus build up the Body of Christ.

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