Links to translation of Dorotheus: Carmen Astrologicum, by e. Dorotheus of Sidon, who appears to have lived in Alexandria, flourished in the first century AD. He wrote his Pentateuch (five books) on. CARMEN ASTROLOGICUM. translated by David Pingree. The first book of Dorotheus from the stars on the judgments concerning nativities: on the upbringing.

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If you find the first lord of the triplicity in an evil place astroloyicum the second in a good place, these will release him from slavery to manumission. If it is Saturn, then this benefit and the good will be the inheritance of the property of [his] wife’s father or her relatives, however this came to him, or the inheritance from a slave whom he freed.

If Saturn injures Venus without the aspect of Jupiter, then it indicates grief on account of children, or they will have children but will not astrolpgicum them, or no children will be born to him, but if he has children, then sorrow and weeping will reach him because of having children, especially if Saturn aspects the Moon together with its [Saturn’s] aspect of Venus.

If the lord of this place is in a good place while a malefic astroolgicum this place or is in it, then misery and misfortune on account of women pass these [natives] by or according to this they attain joy and profit because of them. If you find the Moon and Venus together in the cardine under the earth while Jupiter aspects [them], it indicates [his] marriage to one of his relatives, but he will have children at the end of his life. Adtrologicum you find the indicator of the matter of children in the ascendent or midheaven or in the sign of fortune, then he will be blessed with children in his youth.

If this sign astrolohicum the house of the Moon, which is Cancer, [and the Moon] is not in a good place, then the disaster will be because of [his] mothers or his axtrologicum relatives, or disaster will be his [because of] his father’s wives.

Remember this lot which I told you about. Count from the degrees of Saturn to Venus and add to it the degrees of the ascendent [by day] or subtract it thirty at a time from the ascendent [by night]; wherever it reaches, then there is the lot of wedding.


If Jupiter or Venus aspect the Moon with this, he is born [but] then he grows up in the house of strangers. Look at the two lords of these two lots and their power in their places, and know whether the birth of males or of females is more cramen and better.

Links to translation of Dorotheus of Sidon: Carmen Astrologicum

Look at the place which I shall tell you of the lot of wedding. Atsrologicum you find the planets retrograde in a nativity in which the planets are strong, then he will be distressed, a coward.

But if a benefic planet is aspecting it and the lord of this term is in a good place when the conjunction or fullness [of the Moon] is in an cadmen place and [in] the aspect of the malefics, then the father of camen native is of noble birth and his mother is bad in her lineage. Cancel Forgot your password? View all subjects More like this Similar Items. Calculate the number of children as I shall tell you.

Dorotheus, Carmen Astrologicum: links to translation

Please enter your name. If you then find nothing, then say that there is none who is [born] from his mother after him. If Mars does not aspect from quartile and is not with the Sun, you will succeed [when you predict thus] because Mars is cafmen indicator of the squandering of property. If Venus is in [one of] its own places, it indicates marriage, and the marriage will abound in children.

Knowledge of the death of the parents of the native, one of the two before his companion. If you wish to know what of love and other than that there is between him [the native] and his brothers, then look from the lord of the lot of brothers.

Dorothei Sidonii Carmen astrologicum (Book, ) []

If both of them are in a good place, he is free from the beginning of his life till the end of his life. If the lord of this place is a benefic and it is favourable in a cardine astrolobicum its own place, then he will be wealthy [and] rich.

Knowledge of the number of brothers and sisters. This is known from what I wrote for you without trouble and without pain. But if the power of the planets asgrologicum the lord of the lot is as we said, but the malefics are witnessing them, then the native will fall from his fortune.


Finding libraries that hold this item The exaltation of the planets Books by Dorotheus of Sidon. If the Moon is in a cardine which is a feminine sign, it will drive off the evil for twenty-five years, but in masculine signs for twenty-five months.

If a benefic is in one of these places, it is beneficial. If you find the Moon and the Sun both cafmen, he departs from his house learning from his parents who they are. If Venus is in a tropical sign which is its own place in the strength of astrologgicum, it indicates his change from [one] wife to [another] wife, especially if planets aspect it [the place].

See which planet is found in the lot.

Carmen Astrologicum

Now I will tell you the matter of natives, and for whom there will be a good upbringing and for whom an upbringing will not be known. Say how Saturn harms one who is born by day and Mars one who is born at night — then especially if Mars is in a feminine sign and Saturn in a masculine sign.

If Jupiter aspects Venus from the tenth or eighth and you find Venus in the twelfth or sixth, then the native will marry a good woman, but she will die, and fear and weeping and anxiety will reach him because of her. If you find Jupiter and Venus aspecting the lot of brothers, then it is a good indication in the matter of brothers. Count from the Moon to Venus and add to it the degrees of the ascendent [by day] or subtract it from astrologicuum ascendent [by night]; wherever it ends, there is the lot of female children.

Knowledge of the masculine and feminine hours of the nativity If [the nativity] is in the daytime and the Moon and the lords of its triplicity are in a bad place while the Sun and the lords of its triplicity are in a good place, then astrologlcum is something with respect to his mother and her end, and similarly in a nocturnal nativity.