Cadwallon – Secrets Volume 1 Cadwallon – Secrets Volume 1. February 16, | Author: mmgarcia30 | Category: N/A. A range of Cadwallon is enriched by a series of reference books, secrets, for leaders of play and the whole world is not MJ or even Cadwallon. Temporary not Available. If you are interested in this product please, don’t hesitate to write us. Product SKU: Rh Email to a Friend. Isabeau the Secret.

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Got the lot now. Interested in the book and want a read. The city is divided in two parts; the upper city and the lower city, which are further divided into eleven fiefdoms, each with its own peer.

Confrontation – Google+

Okay your wish is my Google search afternoon. As with most of Rackham’s products, Cadwallon was originally written in French and later translated into English.

Only down side on the mini is the version R did looks just like the concept. All things Rackham Fantasy. Drag photos anywhere to start a new post. An oddity in Cadwallon are the names chosen for the character attributes.

Rackham Cadwallon RPG Secrets #1 HC VG

Cadwwllon just wish I had been able to get my hands on any of the Cadwallon books Rather than utilize traits such as strength and dexterity Cadwallon uses words that fadwallon in common use other places in Confrontation fluff like Pugnacity and Style.


Even if you’re not into RPG have a look for the amazing artwork. The whole city is ruled by the Duke. Looks like you’ve reached the end. A character can also originate from Cadwallon itself being from either the Upper or lower district Cadwallon has a custom system where pools of six-sided dice are used when determining the success of actions.

Very nice, surprised they haven’t had a cease and decist as they don’t own the IP rights to produce. I’ve found a french copy of Secrets 1 in cadallon and The City is built on the ruins of several different civilizations including the Cynwall and Acheron but with its foundations in some much older culture.

Wait while more posts are being loaded. Sure if we don’t ahve it between us all we could find it: Not sure from where I got them.

Cadwallon – Secrets Volume 1 – Free Download PDF

I am very bloody close to just saying sod it, and getting from there where I need for a Wolfen army. Though never stopped people doing stuff like that to GW.

Have downloaded RollD20 and maptool to see if I can work out how they work: I have B and D on pdf. Anyone have pdfs of the Cadwallon Secrets books?


Cadwallon is a role-playing game RPG published by Rackham in book form in Unable to load more. The city was founded by a mercenary company and is reputedly free from the surrounding nations’ politics which mainly concern the massive war called The Rag’narok. It is set in the fantasy world of Rackham’s previous game Confrontation.

System Cadwallon has a custom ruleset for generating characters. They also belong to one of the cultures which are waging war on the continent taking the form of the factions’ totems. Cadwallon Tile packs you say.

Cadwallon – Secrets Volume 1

Characters are from among the races in the Confrontation universe, namely elves, dwarves, humans, goblins, orcs, ogres and wolfen. Just found a torrent with all 4 in: A tactical secretx game, it is played with miniatures. Cadwallon Cartomancer Agent cadwallon miniatures https: Setting Cadwallon is the name of the large city in which the role-playing game is set.