Among the said three divisions Hora, or the general part of Jyotish is still more . This is Yavanas’ view, vide P. 70 of my English Translation of Saravali. Full text of “Parashara Hora Sastra” Brihatparasarahorasastra Contents Ch. 1. . This is Yavanas’ view, vide P. 70 of my English Translation of Saravali. Read Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra: Guide to Hindu Astrology book reviews Maha-rishis Parashara and Varamihira are the great ancient masters of Jyotisha. available English translations of Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra, this one is!.

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Sani and Karm’s Lord about Longevity.

If Putr and Randhr Bhava and Randhr’s Lord are all conjunct malefics, the life span will be very brief. He bestows maximum number of years in Naisargik Dasha.

The deities, respectively, are Sanak, Sanand, Kumar and Sanatan.

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra – Vic DiCara’s Astrology

He is extremely inauspicious. He will alternatively become a king if the said Grah is strong. The child will not live on mother’s milk, but on that of she-goat, if Surya is exalted, or debilitated in Yuvati Bhava. Not only this, evils will not follow from the Bhavas concerned. Meen resembles a pair offish, one tailed with the head of the other.

Limbs of Kaal Purush. If Dhan’s Lord is in Randhr Bhava, the native will be endowed with abundant land and wealth. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? One will wander from country to country, if Vyaya’ s Lord and Vyaya Bhava are with malefics and Vyaya’ s Lord gives a Drishti to, or receives a Drishti from malefics.


Combinations for Wealth Ch. Fame, wealth, abundant pleasures and comforts of the body will be acquired, if Lagn Lord is in a Movable Rasi and be drishtied by a benefic Grah. Keeping the Brihta at birth, as it is, prepare various Bhava Kundalis with respect to each special Lagn and analyze, as done for the natal Lagn. Vrishabh’s complexion is white and it is lorded by Sukr. The 1 st5 th and the 9 th Rasis from a Rasi its three Dreshkanas and are, respectively, lorded by Narada, Agasthya and Durvash.

From to she is bereft of strength.

Brihat Parashara Hora Sashtra by Rishi Parashara ( Pages )

He is fond of jokes. Benefics, giving a Drishti to Candr, will bring good to the mother.

Makar is lorded by Sani and has predominance of Tamo-Gun a disposition, seen in demons. One will be endowed with royal marks of fortuneif Budh, Guru, or Sukr be in Lagn along with the Candr, or be in angle from Lagn. In the Shodasha Varg scheme the combinations of Vargas go with designations thus: It is a biped Rasi as well and is strong in nights.

What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? If Sukr is in Randhr, while his dispositor is in a Rasi of Sani, death of wife will take place during the native’s 12 thor 21 st year of age. If Putr’s Lord is in Vyaya Bhava, the native will be bereft of happiness from his own sons, will have an adopted, or purchased son.

O excellent of the Brahmins, listen to me, speaking on the effects of Dhan Bhava. If Bandhu’s Lord is in Dharm Bhava, the native will be dear to one and all, be devoted to God, be virtuous, honourable and endowed with every land of happiness.


If Dhan’s Lord is in Bandhu Bhava, the native will acquire all kinds of wealth. Should Candr be in Tanu Bhava, hemmed between malefics, while Yuvati, or Randhr Bhava has a malefic in it, he will face immediate death along with his mother. It rises with its head and is Tamasic.

The native will befriend barren females, if Surya is in Yuvati. Mithun, Dhanu, Dhanu; Indrachap: It has strength in night and is fiery.

This duration, however, is actually dependent on the concerned latitude. Shastraa will be no gains in spite of numerous efforts, if Labh’s Lord is in fall, in combustion, or be in Ari, Randhr, or Vyaya Bhava with a malefic.

Divide the time of birth in Ghatis, Vighatis etc. This is how the twelve Rasis, each of 30 degrees extent, are described to evaluate gross and specific effects. Effects of Karakahs Ch.

Category: Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra

Budh and Sani are neuters. And in the seventh Rasi from the said exaltation Rasi each Grah has its own debilitation. The said native will live with rich clothes and ornaments, be learned and Lordly. Effects of Moles, Marks, Signs etc.

A benefic including Budh in Putr is excluded in the said combination. Mithun, Tula and Kumbh are mixed, while the rest are phlegmatic. If Bandhu, Karm and Vyaya Bhava are all occupied by malefics, both the parents will leave the child to its own fate and wander from place to place.