Borderliners: A Novel [Peter Høeg] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. National Bestseller Strange things are happening at Biehl’s Academy. Peter Høeg is a bestselling Danish writer who achieved great of my all-time favourite books, Borderliners, and I returned to it recently to see if. Peter Hoeg’s fourth work of fiction, BORDERLINERS, is set at an elite private school near Copenhagen in the early ‘s where three social outsiders.

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She is highly intelligent. I think I thought it would be more of a thriller, and I also thought the adults and institutions would be more sinister. This is somewhere in between. Are they aware that headmaster Biehl himself, in defiance of a Danish ban on corporal hosg in schools, has a habit of beating children? Yet, all the way through the book we see him forming relationships, but it is the system itself that deliberately sets out to break them.

Being “Borderline” also describes a modern personality disorder. The style is beautiful in its apparent simplicity. To re-engage them into society, to assimilate them the children are placed in a private boarding school run by a man named Biehl. A lot of interesting perspectives on time and on life. Peter Hoeg’s style is simple and yet very deep. What lies between the lines.

The school that the characters attend is frightening not because it is so different from the schools we all went t Peter Hoeg’s style is borderlinegs and yet very deep. In Denmark, we have seen several examples of this. What damaged children need are not systems, authority, assessment and judgement; but love, connection, humanity, individual understanding.


Borderliners by Peter Høeg

He cannot offer her anything. You are commenting using your Facebook account. But this would not have fitted in well with the other problems. The plot is a bit confusing to me.

Style and Form What some people find frustrating about this book is what makes it particularly special to me. How suddenly events happen that change the way we live in time, the way we experience time. One begins questioning one’s obedience to the clock, and questioning the culture of achievement in general. He is a child without a place, without explanation. Editorial Policy The views expressed in the articles and reviews on Vulpes Libris are those of the authors, and not of Vulpes Libris itself.

Refresh and try again. So it seemed a very strange book. It is about three children – Peter, Katerina, and August – who attend a private school in Copenhagen in the mid s.

Published August 1st by Delta first published Although I found it to be uplifting in the end, many of my fellow book club members found it to be too sad and depressing throughout. But no theory of time can explain the concentration camp character of this school. During my second read, since I knew what to expect or what not to expect and I was no borderlihers confused, the many positive points of this novel came through.

For other uses, see Borderline. This page was last edited on 11 Decemberat Seriously good, seriously terrifying, brilliantly written, just peyer. Partly, it is because the character, Peter, is at sea.

Borderliners by Peter Høeg

His is a world in which the Infinite is not only omnipresent as a provable test of viabilitybut is also hostile, a mad meaningles vastness from which we alone must wrest meaning and value.

Se si cresce in un mondo che permette e premia una sola forma di ricordo, allora viene esercitata una costrizione contro la nostra natura. Comparisons to One Hundred Years of Solitude only begin to describe it. Just when Borderlines told myself that I would not buy another book until I worked my way through my towering To Be Read pile, you write this post.


The narrator is a young orphan, a ward of the Danish state for his entire thirteen or so years. This one sounds borrderliners as fascinating…. I have added it to my list and will get my hands on a copy as soon as possible.

To be candid, I didn’t like it very much the first time though I wouldn’t have said it was bad.


Peter Hoeg remains one of my favorite authors and I highly recommend this book. Space is where you are at any one time, strictly regulated by the school and violated by our borderliners as part of their own counter-experiment.

He grabbed hold of the outer two on his left hand, but did not get a chance to break them. I was not so fascinated by time, which changed during the course of this book and thus I can say this book changed me and my outlook on life. I chose this for my most recent book club selection, based on the synopsis, the high rating, and the fact that I’d seen and loved the movie Smilla’s Sense of Snow.

Ultimately, Borderliners is about survivors, adolescence, the urge for survival, and ultimately about the effect the mind may have on time.