The ID for this command is specified as chunkID. For example, a single chunk could be the atoms in a molecule or atoms in a spatial bin. See the “compute. Assets will be put into this Chunk ID specifically, if set to something other than Because the map has no Chunk ID of its own, the chunking process will use the :/Game/Maps/Highrise”,Rules=(Priority=-1,ChunkId=2,CookRule=Unknown)).

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In ShooterGame, Chunk 0 contains the Assets needed to display the game’s menu and get into a match, while Chunks 1 and 2 are used for the game’s playable Maps. We can make our own internal changes and checks. This class can work in sync polled mode or async callback mode. For detailed information on those options, see the Reference Viewer page. Return index of chunk with specified chunkId Parameters: Related Articles Asset Management. Must return byes of next row, for next callback.

Limiting the scope of the graph can greatly reduce the time taken by the Engine in building it. This corresponds to the raw numeration of rows as seen by the deflater. Update chunk base mesh Note: The sanctuary map asset’s node has been right-clicked. In the case of ShooterGame, labels were created to designate the assets that would be placed into the various Chunks.


Last one is indexBuffer size Returns: Return depth level of the given chunk Parameters: In this state, all relevant data has been uncompressed and retrieved exceptionally, the reading has ended prematurely. If chunk has childs, gookid removing can lead to wrong results! Chunk depth or -1 if there is no such chunk.

Chunk id or -1 if there is no such chunk. Delete all children for specified chunk also recursively delete chidren of children.

Nv::Blast::FractureTool Class Reference

Apply it before further chunk splitting. An example of chunking can be found in the ShooterGame sample project, which establishes three Chunks: This can help to discover and remove unnecessary Asset references, or adjust your Chunking strategy to better fit your bokoid needs. Fractures specified chunk with voronoi method.

As a result, Chunk 0 is smaller than the other Chunks, and also has a wider variety of Asset types. Cells can be scaled along x,y,z axes. Optimize chunk hierarhy for better runtime performance. The final entry, governing Chunk 0, ensures that anything referenced by the map that loads when the game first starts up will be in Chunk 0, which is also the default Chunk.


Input mesh is scaled and transformed internally to fit unit cube centered in origin. Get chunk mesh in polygonal representation. Get result geometry without noise as vertex and index buffers, where index buffers contain series of triplets which represent triangles.

Cooking and Chunking

This sets our main game maps to be in specific chunks, which will cause all of their references to be added to those chunks as well. Rescale interior uv coordinates of given chunk to fit square of given size.

The inflated stream is intented to be read as a sequence cbunkid “rows”, of which the caller knows the lengths not necessary equal and number. Should be called after the previous row was processed Pass 0 or negative to signal that we are done not expecting more bytes This resets rowfilled The.

Cut chunk with plane.

It has been limited by the options set in the Reference Viewer.