Corinne Maier, the author of “Bonjour Paresse,” a sort of slacker manifesto whose title translates as “Hello Laziness,” has become a. 5 déc. Le titre “Bonjour paresse” de Corinne Maier (en écho bien sur au Bonjour tristesse de Sagan) est très malin. Cette économiste, ex cadre d’EDF. Bonjour paresse (), Corinne Maier, éd. Michalon, (ISBN 3), p. Il est clair que dans un monde où il est conseillé d’être souple, bien vu.

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Workers remain at their jobs until retirement, stymieing the promotion of those below them, she argues, yet a system of patronage and stiff legal protections make it difficult for employers to fire anyone. Sometimes it’s better to just say ” Things must be really bleak in France.

They’d much rather zonk out on the job for free. I like her call for sabotage and active disengagement.

Oct 19, John G. We all know that the language of business is silly a friend once cleverly described it as “people playing at jobs” and Maier’s endless “duplication” of tasks pointless. Zudem hat das Lob der Faulheit echte Tradition in Frankreich. Whether that success can be repeated in the United States remains to be seen.

She studied economics and international relations at the country’s elite National Foundation of Political Sciences, or Sciences-Po, before earning a doctorate in psychoanalysis. First, the proportion of people of working age in France who manage to find jobs has plunged to This is not to say that Americans are in general fulfilled by crinne jobs, only that there seem to be few who are able to stop: As translated by ,aier Hawkes:.


Of course it can be observed that they are just as ruthless, just as corrupt and stupid as any class of bosses from any other era.

Statements such as “a Quality Control manager is a totally superfluous position” or “we give people English job titles because they don’t know what it means” betray a very narrow viewpoint and an unwillingness to understand economic realities. It is gaining in popularity just as the International Monetary Fund is urging Europeans to work longer and harder to stiffen their soft economies.

But I think it is the result of the weakness The author is expecting that the end of history is just around the corner. Preview — Bonjour Laziness by Corinne Maier. This book is a bit bleak and black, which I like but is missing the seriousness this subject deserves. On to the next. Write a Testimonial Few good words, go a long way, thanks! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Paper Back Publishing Date: Jag kan inte riktigt ta det till mig som hon skriver. Because of their similar attitudes towards the workplace, Maier has been frequently compared to Dilbert creator Scott Adams. Similarly, the more “provocative” an author claims her work to be, the less provocative it is. I have to admit though that the last pages was a little bit like a revelation for me cause the ideas there are very revolutionary and pioneer. Petkov” and “Going to Patchogue.


Her employer of 12 years was not amused. I think it was Marx who was a champion of that one.

BONJOUR PARESSE, de Corinne Maier

In many ways, Ms. The slacker’s new bible. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I had to put the book down halfway through when I felt like i was stuck in a conversation with the kind of person who won’t leave you alone until they convince you that your life just sucks.

« Bonjour paresse » de Corinne Maier : Travailler moins pour vivre plus

Maier advocates that it is in the reader’s best interest to work as little as possible. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Books with missing cover. EDF refused to comment on “an ongoing disciplinary procedure”, but indicated it was angry at the book mentioning that Maier was an employee.

Gibt’s nur in Frankreich. We Americans are still in some part resentful hicks who forget the French helped free us from England, continue to teach us how to cook and are still tutoring us on what to wear, as witnessed by the retrospective in honor of Chanel in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. The French already work less than people in most other developed countries – on average, nearly fewer hours a year than Americans, according to one study.