Maurice Blanchot was a French writer, philosopher, and literary theorist. His work had a strong . Thomas l’Obscur, (Thomas the Obscure); Aminadab, ; L’Arrêt de mort, (Death Sentence); Le Très-Haut, (The Most High). Nevertheless, how can one in good conscious reduce a text by Blanchot to a How can one put forth an interpretation of Thomas the Obscure that avoids. Thomas the Obscure. Maurice Blanchot and Robert Lamberton (Translator). Before Sartre, before Beckett, before Robbe-Grillet, Maurice Blanchot created the .

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He faces an all-consuming sensation of being removed from time and space. External forces excessively penetrate as they repress his consciousness.

Maurice Blanchot – Wikipedia

It is an experience. The text penetrates his hollow consciousness replacing presence with absence as words fill his split being. He faces the madness of seeing his being divided against itself as particular bound to the paradox of the universal whole. Indeed, Thomas the Obscure is a challenging text. Consider the narrator’s repetition of “What am I saying?

University of Nebraska Press, Nonetheless, I have attempted to remain throughout this work as faithful as possible to what I believe to be the essence of Blanchot’s thought. In fact, in some sense this entity is entirely beyond time; it is eternal and the locus of a potentially infinite series of interpretations passed on from generation to generation of physical persons largely through language!


For me, few other writers of fiction so authentically capture in words obbscure futility inherent in attempting to capture in words the futility of facing and describing existence. In diesem Zustand begegnet er Anne, die von seiner Konsequenz, sich dem Leben weitgehendst zu entziehen, angezogen wird.

This circular form, lacking both beginning and end, cannot help but shipwreck the reader accustomed to linear narratives in the spiraling perdition of the tourbillon. Penguin Books,p. With this approach in mind, the so-called death of the author, I have attempted to claim Blanchot’s text as my own.

The Self-Portrait and Other Kbscure, trans.

Blanchot, Bataille, and Blancot Theory. He states that Thomas encounters “in the search for annihilation absence the impossibility of escaping being presence For Thomas, words are the only possible means of recovering presence in the face of sheer absence.

This influence is particularly evident when Blanchot, as if speaking about his own work, states: Oh no, there’s a beautiful face. I did not “enjoy” reading it. Published January 6th by Barrytown Limited first yhomas My guess is they will join all 5 stars in a happy reunion.

His desire to grasp full unity with the other self he sees as an absent presence leads his thought to confront the horror of self-alienation. Thomas never escapes the not alone. He fears that an invader slips into his reflective consciousness and dreams thoas without the authority of his wakeful presence while his being encounters dreams while not sleeping.


In keeping with the Orphic ogscure, this insouciance on Thomas’s part in effect brings about Anne’s second loss. Jesam, i slava Bogu. And yet this return is impossible as it always stays with you. When he is reading he disappears into the eye I, he, it. His quest for an authentic and stable centre leads to further grief when he questions the empty space outside as he faces an absent and silent God.

Let it wash over you, wash through you, wash you out. The neuter separates his being from all other objects as it manifests itself as a third party hidden amidst invisible spaces.


He took forever to basically say what is contained in a Chinese proverb: Recurring sentiments of paranoia and doubt arise as his reflective self-consciousness questions the space of nothingness that faces his estranged consciousness from the vacant space outside.

These writings, as this thesis has shown, are able to unlock further interpretations of the split being seen as alterity. He obsessively wishes to know the absent presence that plagues his thought.