Our Aveyond 2 Walkthrough contains everything you need in order to play this unforgettable adventure game. Featuring sections such as Location Questions. Aveyond 2 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games. Aveyond 2 Cheat Codes: Submitted by: phillip To get to the highs level do shift +.

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Explore around — the Guide mentioned by Rapunzel is not walkthrrough, but there is a cloak belonging to Gulliver that has been dropped, leading Iya to think perhaps Gulliver might know what is wrong with this place. Continue exploring The Woodlands, battling monsters to level up and get more gold, and opening chests as you go.

Across the small bridge at the back of the village is a young green-haired lad named Rye. So for now, head east into the cave leading into the mountains for some more levelling up. Follow the path down the stairs, and after just a few steps you reach sveyond cave entrance.

Aveyond 2 Walkthrough & Cheats

Also collect a beast flyer, pinned to the wall outside Mimpsey Mara’s house. Note the statue of the goddess to the southeast of the General Store. Like Gamezebo on Facebook.

This is also a way to accumulate more money for better equipment and items. When you unequip items that you will no longer need, you can sell them to get a little more money note, when you sell an item, you only get back half of what you paid, so spend wisely early in the game when money is an issue.

Return to the marketplace, buy any additional equipment and items necessary, rest walkthroubh the Inn, save, and head back to aveyobd desert. Follow the path as far north as you can go, and head west, to reach Serendipity, being held prisoner by a group of trolls. Finally make your way to Thais Castle, west of Raquel’s house, and speak to Prince Uthar he is the one busily pacing in the throne room. There is a chest in the village, near Ean’s house.

These walkthrougu handy if your not in a town and need mp and hp. When you arrive in Happily Ever After, once again explore and talk to everyone. In the north of Seri, above the marketplace, two thugs are about to cream poor Rasmen. Find the one that contains Servant Clothes. We hope you thoroughly enjoyed the game, and if it has left you with an emptiness that craves to be filled, here are some suggestions:. Read the book to free Walkthtough, then return to Eredar to meet her and receive Iya’s blessing of Wisdom.


At this point you can take the final steps to have Aveyodn and Rye marry, and also marry Ava and Gavin, or finish Nicolas’ walkthrouyh into a nice guy. In the building housing the Acting Agent and the Inn you find the warlock Gavin.

EASY means all monsters are at their default strength, and when your players gain a level after a battle ends, all health HP and mana MP — the resource that permits magic and skills are topped up. Remember this spot, as you will have to return here later.

Make sure to check for spoils after the battle is complete. Just a few steps above the cave, another transfigurine now sits in the middle of the path. When all Shaenlir soldiers in the city are defeated, go through to wlakthrough entrance of the castle.

Aveyond 2 – Ean’s Quest Walkthrough – Episode 3 – Woodlands & Ryva – video dailymotion

She is on the lookout for salamander egg. Now go inside and talk to Gisselle, who offers to sell you the farm for 3, gold coins. However Fairytale Forest is an excellent place to level up and get valuable loot after defeating enemies, so you may want to hang around here a little longer, returning to Happily Ever After as needed, to gain a few levels and a respectable amount of gold. Otherwise, when you’re running to escape too-tough monsters further on in the map, you could run right into others coming from the opposite direction!

Read the sign in front of her house this is essential then go in. Marrying off Emma and Rye If Emma wins the tournament then do the following:.


Being very smart, little impresses her. Posted January 29, I hope that the walkthrough was helpful. Here you can find Ean’s best weapon among other things. Unlike the walkthrough for version 1, this walkthrough will go into detail with all of the quests, whether crucial to the storyline or not.

By the time you get back walkhrough Verashema, Gulliver will have returned. Nora asks you to retrieve a love letter Haliburt wrote to her before he died.

Walkthrrough you battled some Swamp Slimes on your way through Toadstump Marsh, you may have picked some up already — talk to the Professor again — otherwise you need to return to Toadstump Marsh and battle Swamp Slimes until you collect some when looting. Specifically, Hilda, who earlier requested Calliope’s Wand. The only place to disembark is at the eastern end of the lake, on the southern shore. Although Ean saves his friend from an untimely execution, Iya’s spirit has been almost completely drained.

Ean’s Quest is, strangely enough, the sequel to Aveyond I: If Iya starts getting low in MP, top it up with Covey Balm preferably out of battle so she doesn’t use up a turn. Pick up the transfigurine, and leave the beast’s lair. All the witches are in love with him, and he tires of walkthgough attention and asks to join you on your quest.

In Ravenwood there is another Inn with another chest containing gold coins and a General Store where you can upgrade equipment once again. walkthrouyh

For now you have more urgent things to spend your money on, but you should donate here when you have more money, as you will not have a chance to later in the game. This is your first quest. Uthar, the older, more level-headed walkthrpugh of Nicolas and heir to the throne of Thais, remains to look after the castle while the King and Queen attend the Ice Ball.