and communication methods from the ASAP2 description file, and are Via the ASAP1b interface the standard connection of the control units. ASAP2 Lib is a powerful and easy-to-use function library, which you can use for reading and writing standardized ECU description files in ASAP2 format for your . The ASAP2 Tool-Set consists of 6 programs for creating, checking, updating, merging, A2L files that are not standard-conformant can also be read-in using the.

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Description of a variant criterion.

The variety of tools and description formats would quickly become a hindrance for development progress and a frequent source of errors aspa2 the MCD tool chain. For an overview, see Data Objects Simulink. If the memory address attribute is known before code generation, it can be defined in the data item or data object. Don’t have an account? Specifies that a right shift operation shall extend the leftmost bit to the left so that the new, shifted number has still the same sign in the two’s complement system.

Generic Real-Time Target grt. The code generator writes the ASAP2 file to the build folder.

Can be used for an automatic update of memory addresses in an a2L-file. To generate ASAP2 files for referenced models, select ASAP2 file generation for the top model and for each referenced standwrd in the reference hierarchy. Number of values in the measurement. The standard allows to fully specify how data is displayed in an MC-system, independent from ECU-internal data formats. Without standardization, the OEM or Tier 1 would be required to maintain several data description files in parallel or else continuously converting stanadrd files between different formats to ensure that everyone in the development process used the right format.


Such a description of calibration and measurement variables can easily extend to several thousand entries per ECU.

ECU calibration with the ASAP2Library and ASAP2Demo

Parameter objects, the table gives the associated property name. Some data attributes are defined in the model; others are supplied in the properties of objects. Select a Web Site Choose a web site to get translated content where available and see local events and offers.

Using XML would have otherwise increased the file size by approximately five times, which would have stabdard severe performance issues with tools that process such files. Parameters and aggregated keywords may be mandatory or optional and may have a multiplicity.

The following types asa;2 tunable parameters are available: Specifies additional address information, for instance to distinguish between different address spaces of an ECU. ASAM MCD-2 MC was created to overcome those problems of wasting time and money to deal with various description formats that more or less contain the same data. Some of this information is contained in the model itself.


Programmers guide Data model Interface description. Specifies position and datatype of the offset value within the record layout. They are aggregated by primary keywords. Can be used to create a hierarchy of group objects.

Export ASAP2 File for Data Measurement and Calibration – MATLAB & Simulink

Can be used to distinguish between out-of-range warnings and out-of-range error messages, or to allow specific power-users to set calibration values beyond a safe margin. Specifies general parameters of a module i. The majority of automotive ECU software still uses scaled integers for this data.

The breakpoints should be stored as integers in the code, so the data type should be a built-in integer type int8int16int32uint8uint16 stanvard, or uint32a fixed-point data type, or an equivalent alias type. The standard was developed to consider the needs of all involved groups in the calibration process.

ECU calibration with ASAP2Demo/ASAP2Library

FRAMEs are typically used to bundle variables, which shall be measured and viewed together. Specifies the properties of an axis that belongs to a tunable curve, map or cuboid. It describes byte alignments, order and position of calibration objects in memory, their rescaling, memory offset and further properties.