Mar 23, Arrabidaea chica (HBK) Verlot, Bignoniaceae, is a scrambling shrub native to tropical America, more particularly in the Amazon basin where it. Arrabidaea chica (Humb. & Bonpl.) Verl. Show All Show Tabs cricketvine. General Information. Symbol: ARCH5. Group: Dicot. Family: Bignoniaceae. Duration. A new flavone, 6,7,3′,4′-tetrahydroxymethoxyflavone, named carajuflavone, was isolated from the leaves of the Brazilian plant Arrabidaea chica f. cuprea.

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Thus, the inhibitory activity observed was leishmanicidal for the promastigote forms of L. Analysis was performed at room temperature. View at Google Scholar L. The role of tumor-derived cytokines on the immune system of atrabidaea bearing a mammary adenocarcinoma: Please share your Comments.

Plants Profile for Arrabidaea chica (cricketvine)

Tumor Inflammatory Angiogenesis and Its Chemoprevention. Currently available leishmaniasis treatments are limited due to severe side effects. Identification of interferon-gamma as the lymphokine that activates arrabidwea macrophage oxidative metabolism and antimicrobial activity. View at Google Scholar I.

Arrabidaea chica

Top of Page Home. There are no reports on literature that demonstrate the cell types involved in the inhibition of Ehrlich solid tumor growth. Qrrabidaea animals used for macrophage acquisition were killed according to the federal guidelines and institutional policies by cervical dislocation. However, most of these drugs are expensive, present toxic effects, and are able to induce parasite resistance [ 5 ].

Mitochondrial dilatation with loss of matrix contents and Golgi complex alterations followed by a cytoplasm vacuolization process were also observed Figure 2 c.


Neutrophils play an important role in tumor angiogenesis releasing chemokines that cause endothelial cell invasion and vessel formation. Chemical tests to detect the main classes of secondary metabolites were carried out in aqueous extract AE using classical specific color reactions Matos, Most likely the two extracts tested here exhibit different mechanisms of action.

Materials and Methods 2.

After 48 hours of treatment the supernatants from L. We do not discard the possibility that neutrophils exert cytotoxic effects against EAC cells contributing to the inhibition of tumor growth. Later, a flavone Takemura, and three anthocyanidins Zorn et al.

Evaluation of wound healing properties of Arrabidaea chica Verlot extract.

Table of Contents Alerts. Zimmermann for her technical assistance. In order to evaluate the effect of the B2 fraction on metalopeptidases, cellular lysates from L. Evaluation arrabidaez anti-inflammatory, antiangiogenic and antiproliferative activities of Arrabidaea chica crude extracts. This characteristic probably excludes a major role for cytotoxic T lymphocytes during tumor development, indicating that cellular immunity is not the main mechanism of host reaction to this tumor Bergami-Santos et al.

Gois Ruiz et al. The medicinal actions of phenolics is mostly ascribed to arrsbidaea antioxidant capacity, free radical scavenging, chelation of redox active metal ions, modulation of gene expression and interaction with the cell signaling pathways Soobrattee et al.

Very little is known about the chemical constitution of the leaves Barbosa et al. Telles II ; Vany P. Peptidase Inhibition Assay L. EAC cells aspirated from the peritoneal cavity of mice were washed with saline and injected subcutaneously to develop solid tumor.

In the present experiment there was no presence of metastasis in popliteal lymph nodes in all groups including control group. The number of promastigote forms obtained from macrophages cultures was counted using a hemocytometer chamber. The inflammatory infiltrate was predominantly lympho-histiocytic moderate to mild with few neutrophils, except for the EE group, which presented lympho-histiocytic infiltrate with large amount of neutrophils.


The occurrence of metastases is not common in Ehrlich tumor.

Tumor morphology was similar in all groups. Tumor growth was evaluated by measuring the inoculated footpad thickness with a graduate micrometer Mitutoyo, modelgraduation 0.

Inhibitory activity of the B2 fraction obtained from the A.

Effect of Arrabidaea chica extracts on the Ehrlich solid tumor development

Note the rupture of the mitochondrion membrane arrowhead in c. Earlier studies carried out in our laboratory have shown potent cytotoxic activity of A. In this protocol the number of five types of mononuclear leukocytes on the blood and tumor tissue were evaluated: According to Passero et al. The mode of action of most natural products that cause mitochondrial damage and parasite death has been attributed mainly to sterol biosynthesis inhibition and mitochondrial membrane potential dysfunction [ 25 — 27 ].

Antioxidant activities and polyphenol contents of fifteen selected plant species from the Amazonian region. Antileukemic potential arrrabidaea crude extracts of Arrabidaea wrrabidaea.