Use the links below to download Apache Jackrabbit releases from one of our . Also see the Jackrabbit FileVault documentation for more. Jackrabbit is a complete, and fully compliant implementation of the Content documentation of the JCR API and Apache Jackrabbit releases. The exact format of this XML configuration file is defined in the following document type definition (DTD) files published by the Apache Jackrabbit project.

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See the DataStore page on the Jackrabbit wiki. Jackrabbit implements distributed XA transaction support on a higher level, and expects to be in full control of the underlying database connection.

The manual way is to create a new jakcrabbit directory within the repository home directory and to place a new workspace. See the createWorkspace methods doumentation the JackrabbitWorkspace interface for more details on workspace creating workspaces.

Apache Jackrabbit Oak 1. Jackrabbit contains a set of built-in persistence manager classes that cover most of the deployment needs. There is also a sandbox directory with miscellaneous contributions that are not documntation a part of the official Jackrabbit releases.

A default workspace configuration template is also included in the repository configuration file. The recommended alternative is to use the LocalFileSystem implementation that simply maps abstract file system accesses to the specified directory within the native file system.

In addition to a hierarchically structured storage, common services of a content repository are versioning, access control, full text searching, and event monitoring.

How do I force a consistency check on the search index? There is the users list for questions around using JCR and Documentztion and the dev list for the jackrabgit of Jackrabbit itself and for people starting to extend Documentaation or other jackrabbitt topics. A file system component is any Java class that implements the FileSystem interface and the associated behavioral contracts.


If JAAS authentication is not available or as is often the case too complex to set up, Jackrabbit allows you to specify a repository-specific JAAS LoginModule that is then used for authenticating repository users. Reliability, integrity and performance of the PM are crucial to the overall stability and performance of the repository. The workspace settings in the repository configuration file are: How do I delete a workspace in Jackrabbit?

The Workspaces element of the repository configuration specifies where and how the workspaces are managed. See the Running Maven page and the related documentation on the Maven web site for instructions on how to use Maven. Jackrabbit Configuration Apache Jackrabbit needs two pieces of information to set up a runtime content repository instance: See the Search page on the Jackrabbit wiki.

The following variables are available in all Jackrabbit versions: Apache Jackrabbit OCM 2.

For large binary properties there is the option to use the DataStore instead of the Persistence Manager. This keeps your repository and its configuration nicely contained within a single directory tree.

Apache Jackrabbit – Jackrabbit Roadmap

Level 2 of JSR specifies all the writing capabilities need to bi-directionally interact with a content repository in a fine and coarse grained fashion. How do I manage the access rights of authenticated users? If you are interested in using Jackrabbit, you should check the Jackrabbit architecture and try out the First Hops examples we have prepared. Jackrabbit uses Maven 3 as the build system and the component sources are mostly organized according to the Maven Standard Directory Layout.


Bean configuration elements Most of the entries in the configuration file are based on the following generic JavaBean configuration pattern. This directory usually contains all the repository content, search indexes, internal configuration, and other persistent information managed within the content repository.

Anonymous users have read access while normal and system users have full read-write access. These variables can be used to avoid hardcoding specific options in the configuration files. Repository configuration file The filesystem path of the repository configuration XML file.

Advanced Options On top of Level 1 or Level 2 a number of functional block serve for more advanced repository functionality. Note also that you need to restart the repository instance to access the new workspace. Once a user has been authenticated, Jackrabbit will use the configured AccessManager to control what parts of the repository content the user is allowed to access and modify.

Getting Started with Apache Jackrabbit

You need to implement a custom AccessManager class to get more fine-grained access control. For a more complete explanation of the transaction features, please see eocumentation 8. If you still want a size information you can append an order by clause to your statement.

See the Jackrabbit Configuration page for configuration details. Passwords in configuration as of Jackrabbit 2.