Supplement. Angol nyelvtani összehasonlító táblázat, jelen idők. 1. Általános jelen igeidő (Present Simple). A cselekvés (1) szokásosan ismétlődik, (2) időrend . Angol szótanító szótárak szavak és kifejezések gyakorlására. Start studying angol igeidők 2.,3. alakja. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

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Jack will be sleeping all day. Tom will be here soon. The task lasts till I have learned English for a year.

Tenses – Igeidők

Mary is about to have her hair dyied. Had you started learning English before the course? When we finished the game, John had been sleeping. A dog has bitten me. I have been working on this for two weeks. They are leaving soon. jgeidok

By the time we ieidok, Peter had fallen asleep. Will you visit us some time? Usually I meet my friends at the weekends. The guests arrived while we were walking. She sleeps a lot. Fut John minden nap? By the time she woke up, the boy had been walking the dog. Bill has worked here since Is he working abroad?


Angol igeidők – 2

We go to concerts. They will be singing all night.

Peter is coming for me at 9. Was she waiting for the bus? We have been waiting for you for an hour.

At noon I have lunch with the boss. What were you doing then? I am anyol ill. Were you going to the party when we met yesterday?

Are they at home? How will they have written all the letters by the evening? I have driven for two years.

Hello, Bába Kitti vagyok!

Jack nem ment el moziba. Tom was writing the letters. Will she be eating while we are here? By the time Bob gets the letter, I will have been working in Alaska. igeifok