Alexandria Troas is an ancient city in the Aegean, which was mentioned also in the Bible. All about Alexandria Troas, ancient city near Troy in Turkey, & how to visit it, by Tom Brosnahan. Alexandria Troas is an ancient Greek city situated on the Aegean Sea near the northern tip of Turkey’s western coast, a little south of Tenedos (modern.

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Alexandria in Troas – Livius

Bellinger A var rev. The website cannot function properly without these cookies. They also complained that it was a good hiding place for local robbers, lurking for travelers.

Valerian, AE of Alexandria, Troas. Baths of Herodes Atticus. Apparently the Emperor Constantine the Great had an intention of making Alexandria Troas the new capital of the empire, but in the end, the choice fell to Byzantium, later known as Constantinople.

During the latest excavations they discovered an old temple which was built by the Roman emperor Augustus. Caracalla, AE25 of Alexandreia, Troas. Famous Roman statesman, philosopher and man of substance – Herodes Atticus – was appointed by Emperor Hadrian to the position of prefect of the free cities of Asia, in AD. Baldwins 47, lot Alexandreia, Troas, AE26, groas.

Alexandria Troas

Bellinger ; McClean Turkey is the most accessible of the Middle Eastern nations. Follow us on Twitter Follow turarchaeonews. Tros the first half of the 14th century, the Troad fell under the control of the Karasid dynasty, one of the nomadic Turkish tribes. Alexandria Troas, AE13, ca. This page was last edited on 23 Octoberat The base is made of cut stones from hellenistic period.


It happened alexadnria BC. Helios 5, Lot Volusian, Wlexandria of Alexandria, Troas. At one time, these columns were exported by ship to Istanbul and around the Aegean. AR didrachm, 27 mm, 6. CNG 88, Lot Alexandria Troas is also the titular diocese of the Orthodox Church. As of the midth century the site served as “a lurking place for bandetti”. Apparently unpublished reverse type for Elagabalus.

A “found” stadium conjures Olympic history. Necessary cookies help make a website usable by enabling basic functions like page navigation and access to secure areas of the website.

Gallienus AE 20mm of Alexandria Troas. Bellinger Type 44 A var Commodus. Its original name was Antigonia, but it was rebaptized and adorned by Lysimachus after the Battle of Ipsus However, Pliny’s view is not correct, because the city continued being called Alexandria Troas, and so is also stated aelxandria the 4th-5th c. This article has been previously published as a part of book Gallipoli Peninsula and the Troad: Constantine considered making Troas the capital of the Roman Empire.

Currently, the city is still the capital of the titular bishop of the Roman Catholic Church as Troadensis, but its last titular bishop – Joseph-Alphonse Baud – resigned from this function in Navigation Biblio Glossary Monthly reviews Recent posts.

Alexandria Troas – Wikipedia

In the 18th century, European travelers reported that Alexandria Troas was abandoned and completely ruined. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Its function is still unknown today. Texte der Notitiae episcopatuum; Georgii Cyprii descriptio orbis romani64 ; it is not known when the city was alexahdria and the diocese disappeared. In Roman times, it was a significant port for travelling between Anatolia and Europe. Caracalla AE22 of Alexandria Troas.


A part of the area is heavily overgrown, so take care to protect your legs and feet from thorny bushes.

Under Augustus, it kept the right to strike its own coins. Maximus, AE14 of Alexandria, Troas. Marinus in ; Niconius in ; Sylvanus at the beginning of the 5th century; Pionius in ; Leo in ; Peter, friend of the Patriarch Ignatius, and adversary to Michael, in the ninth century.

Paul, and the Acts of the Apostles. Karasid Turkomans settled in the area of the Troad in the 14th century.

Alexandria in Troas

After the death of Antigonus, another Macedonian commander – Lysimachus – controlled the Troad. Views Read Edit View history. They had a circumference of about ten kilometres, and were fortified with towers at regular intervals. During the Byzantine period emperor Constantine considered making Alexandria Troas as the capital of the Roman Empirebut later on the city lost its importance and abandoned with the coming of the Ottomans.

Bellinger A; BMC Second Journey of Paul the Apostle. The dimensions of the bath is to 84 wlexandria. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.