The C CM from AKG is a miniature low-profile, ceiling mountable microphone designed for surveillance or live recording in boardrooms, performances, etc. Find great deals for AKG C CM Condenser Cable Professional Microphone. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Buy the AKG CCM at Get low pricing and free shipping on s of items, plus exceptional customer service!.

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Its output is balanced, via a captive cable terminated qkg an XLR connector which has an integrated switch for a bass-cut filter. This item doesn’t belong on this page. The phantom power supply unit connects to the miniature cable and the low-profile design of the actual microphone makes it easy to conceal in ceilings or props.

Revin’ up my Resolectric Guitar! See any errors on this page? One thing lead to another, and I saw this product, the AKG C with power supply, and I decided it was ag change to risk. The C CM features a hemispherical, omnidirectional polar pattern where the pickup area is emphasized in front of the microphone to avoid the phase and noise problems associated with surface mounting.

A 3mm thick, 20mm diameter, bevelled disc sits on the surface of the plate, showing only four drilled holes in the matt nickel-plated surface.

The low profile housing has a grille assembly which may be painted to blend in with stage decoration. Alternatively it could be placed on a lectern, table or even a TV news desk.

AKG CCM boundary microphone

With its omnidirectional polar pattern and high signal characteristics, a single microphone is capable of capturing the signal of an entire room.

The integral, captive, cable is 3 metres long and terminated with an XLR connector. Print Print with pricing Print unpriced. Update Unrecognized Zip Code.

Intended for applications ranging from providing sound reinforcement of stage performances to courtroom, surveillance and security recordings, this selection of microphones all mount flat on a surface, taking advantage of the clarity and akt obtained by placing the diaphragm close d562cm the boundary of the acoustic space.


AKG C CM Condenser Cable Professional Microphone | eBay

Primarily designed for use in houses of worship, theatres and conferencing, the C BL is also a ‘good choice for miking kick drums and other instruments’. No longer manufactured, available only while stocks last. It is a circular, matt black, metal plate with three, countersunk, mounting holes. This is the region where any reflections of acoustic waves will be so short that they will have a frequency way above the range of human hearing, thus avoiding the comb-filtering, or interference of the direct sound by the reflected sound, experienced when placing a normal microphone near a reflective surface.

It is ‘extremely small and inconspicuous’, has a ‘studio-quality microphone capsule’, ‘high sensitivity and low self-noise’. Note that since this microphone has a hemi-spherical pattern, it receives sound at an equal level from all directions except through the base of the plate. The cylinder is 25mm in length, and contains the electret capsule and a cable grip for the captive cable which exits from the cylinder at the rear.

Three small holes drilled in the centre act as the grille of the transducer. A ‘professional,flush-mount, boundary microphone’, designed for permanent, ‘invisible’ mounting in ceilings, walls, tables and stages, the C CM is characterised by ‘excellent clarity and a consistent pickup anywhere around’ the microphone, styled by AKG as the ‘Invisible ear’ for recording, courtroom, surveillance and security applications and a ‘perfect tool for surveillance or live recording’.

C – Hyper-cardioid The C is a hyper-cardioid, professional, boundary-layer microphone. After finding out that certain pickup manufacturers are using PZM mic’s in their systems, I decided to f562cm ‘mini pzm mic’s’ on Google.

AKG C562CM boundary microphone

Canford is a main dealer for AKG microphones and accessories. See details for additional description. The ‘highly efficient’ RFi-Shield technology ‘substantially reduces interference noise due to electromagnetic pollution’. If the model desired can not be located on the site, please contact Sales. Works Great Verified purchase: Additional Product Features Connector s. Skip to main content.


Built on the same acoustical components as the C V11the microphone provides ‘high directivity and neutral sound’. Be the first to review this item. The transducer sits in a metal plate only 5mm thick, frequency response is ‘very uniform within its hemisphere’ when mounted to akb surface of sufficient sizeand it ‘captures the room sound’ of an instrument ‘very accurately’.

The microphone is meant to be mounted through a sheet of material or a plate. The CBL99 requires phantom power. See the product page for suggested alternatives.

The supplied XLR phantom power adapter connects to the microphone cable through a miniature connector so installation holes can be smaller than the diameter of the phantom power adapter. You may also like.

A typical placement for this microphone would be directly on the floor of stage, near the edge, thus out of sight to the audience.

CBL99 – Hemi-spherical The CBL99 is a ‘hemispherical boundary layer microphone designed to deliver superior results for a multitude of recording applications’, small, lightweight and easy to place. A low-cut switch integrated into the XLR connector may be used to reduce disturbing low frequency noise. The ‘rugged, non-crush case and a switchable bass-cut filter make the C an ideal choice for tough on-stage assignments’.

Show More Show Less. It has a hemi-spherical polar pattern for ‘clear, intelligible pickup of speech’. There is a character limit. As a result it could be very useful for a round-table discussion, mounted on the underside of a grand-piano lid or mounted on a wall, but in none of those cases if it is feeding a loudspeaker which is within the range of that hemisphere.

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