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Published on Dec View Download 0. Line Regulation, typical at 0. Load Regulation, typical at 0. Current Limiting and Thermal Protection. Adjustable Output Voltage or Fixed at 1.

Standard 3-Pin Power Packages.

ak33p datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

The device is available in an adjustable version and fixed output voltage of 1. Dropout voltage of maximum of 1. The quality of low dropout voltage and fast transient response make this device ideal for low voltage microprocessor applications. The AIC requires output capacitance of a minimum of 10F for stability. Built-in output current limiting and thermal limiting provide maximal protection to the AIC against fault conditions.

Post Regulators for Switching Supplies. Lead Free Commercial G: To avoid output oscillation, aluminum electrolytic output capacitor is recommended and ceramic capacitor is not suggested. Specifications over the C to 85C operating temperature range are assured by design, characterization and correlation with Statistical Quality Controls SQC.


Thermal RegulationTemperature C Fig. Input capacitor at 10F with a 10F aluminum electrolytic output capacitor is recommended. To avoid oscillation, it is recommended to follow Fig. For continuous load condition, maximum rating of junction temperature must not be exceeded.

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It is important aj33p pay more attention in thermal datasheeet. It includes junction datashedt case, junction to ambient. The maximum power dissipation of AIC depends on the thermal resistance of its case and circuit board, the temperature difference between the die junction and ambient air, and the rate of airflow.

The rate of temperature rise is greatly affected by the mounting pad configuration on the PCB, the board material, and the ambient temperature. When the IC mounting with good thermal conductivity is used, the junction temperature will be low even when large power dissipation applies.

The maximum power dissipation is: As a general rule, the lower temperature is, the better reliability of the device is. So the PCB mounting pad should provide maximum thermal conductivity to maintain low device temperature.


Controlling dimension is millimeter, converted inch dimensions are not necessarily exact. Dimension D and E do not include mold flash, protrusions or gate burrs. Mold flash, protrusion or gate burrs shall not exceed 6 mil per side. Dimension D and E1 are determined at the outermost extremes of the plastic body exclusive dafasheet mold flash, tie bar burrs, gate burrs, and interlead flash, but including any satasheet between the top and bottom of the plastic body.


AIC1117 Datasheet PDF

Information provided by AIC is believed to be accurate and reliable. However, we cannot assume responsibility for use of any circuitry other than circuitry entirely embodied in an AIC product; nor for any infringement of patents or other rights of third parties that may result from its use. We datasheeh the right to change the circuitry and specifications without notice.

Life support devices a,33p systems are devices or systems which, I are intended for surgical implant into the body or ii support or sustain life, and whose failure to perform, when properly used in accordance with instructions for use provided in the labeling, can be reasonably datasbeet to result in a significant injury to the user.

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