Mr Berezovsky’s Witness Statement” and you look at. 25 point 2, you . mid- s, a businessman like Mr Abramovich had no. 25 chance of. Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich was not “smart” enough to gain the In a written witness statement, Berezovsky hinted at his former. In his own words, Abramovich explains the gangs controlling the aluminium trade , threats from Chechnya, and the all important “Krysha”.

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She announced in a lengthy summary of her judgment: Abramovich to turn on Berezovsky. Monday 31 December How Boris Berezovsky lost a fortune.

Mr Abramovich claimed he went to Mr Glushkov’s apartment to “drop off an envelope”, but said: I left quickly and never returned to his home again.

The owner of Chelsea FC said he saw abramoivch suspicious looking white powder” on a table in the apartment of Nikolai Glushkov, a former deputy director—general of the Russian national airline Aeroflot. She referred to his “lack of credibility as a witness”. A tale of two oligarchs.

Berezovsky v Abramovich judgment in full. In Law and Order. The High Court will hear allegations this week that Mr Abramovich used Mr Glushkov as a “hostage” to blackmail Mr Berezovsky into selling shares in a television station and oil firm at a knockdown price.

Mrs Justice Gloster said that because of the nature of the factual issues “the case was one where, in the ultimate analysis, the court had to decide whether to believe Mr Berezovsky or Mr Abramovich”. Photo backs Boris Berezovsky claim he was Roman Abramovich mentor. How Roman Abramovich made his fortune. Mr Berezovsky has described Mr Glushkov, who lives in exile in Britain, as a “treasured friend and trusted business associate” and said in his witness statement: The television channel had run a number of stories criticising Mr Putin for the failure to rescue Russian sailors from the sunken nuclear submarine, the Kursk.


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Boris Berezovsky’s witness statement – full text | World news |

His drug and alcohol problems were something which had been mentioned to me. I never wanted fame. Mr Glushkov’s arrest in Russia in December is a key element of the case brought against Mr Abramovich by his former business partner, Boris Berezovsky. Abramovich picture stahement close tie with Berezovsky.

The judge also ruled that Mr Abramovich did not make either express or implied threats to Mr Berezovsky with the intention of intimidating him to dispose of his alleged interests in Sibneft.

The Chelsea FC owner, one of the richest and most private men in the world, was accused of black-mailing Boris Berezovsky into selling statemeht interests in the oil company and aluminium conglomerate they founded together at a knock-down price.

The message was never produced. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Monday 31 December Announcing that she found Mr Abramovich to be a truthful and reliable witness, the judge said she rejected the “serious allegations” that he was a thoroughly “dishonest and cynical witness” who deliberately called witnesses whom he knew would give “as statemfnt were intended to do, thoroughly untrue evidence designed only to mislead the court”.

Mr Berezovsky claims that at the meeting he realised how “ruthless” Mr Abramovich was and told him: Berezovsky said he did not understand why he had lost but understood British courts better, adding: Mr Abramovich denies making threats and will claim he was in Russia aramovich the time of a supposed meeting at Mr Berezovsky’s home at Cap d’Antibes in the south of France, the day after Mr Glushkov’s arrest in The case rested on a number of key meetings at the end of in which the two men and a third partner, Badri Patarkatsishvili, a Georgian businessman who died at his Surrey mansion three years ago from a heart attack, discussed transferring their assets to the West.


Roman Abramovich’s witness statement – full text

Mr Abramovich also says in the statement that his influence with Mr Putin is “exaggerated”. The judge said she had concluded that “in the absence of corroboration, Mr Berezovsky’s evidence frequently could not be relied upon, where it differed from that of Mr Abramovich, or other witnesses”.

She said that because “both the Sibneft and the RusAl claims depended so very heavily witnesz the oral evidence of Mr Berezovsky, the court needed to have a high degree of confidence in the quality of his evidence”.

Rival oligarch left drugs scattered on table in his flat, claims Roman Abramovich Roman Abramovich claims he saw evidence of drug—taking by a fellow oligarch during a visit to his apartment in Moscow, according to court papers. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation.