Información sobre cómo prepararse para la entrada en California de la abeja de miel africanizada. Incluye consejos sobre cómo identificar estas abejas, cómo. English Translation, Synonyms, Definitions and Usage Examples of Spanish Word ‘abeja africanizada’. Wonderful picture, my friend! Kind regards! Seen and appreciated in Photography for Recreation – Level 3 for Gold Award.

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Universidad del Tolima, B. The mitochondrial DNA of Apis mellifera, sampled in beehives afficanizada 7 geographical zones associate to 14 localities in Colombia have been studied. Thirteen haplotypes were identified: The presence of eight different A haplotipes, suggests the occurrence of more than one episode of hybridization, introgression and expansion of the africanized phenoma which suggests the presence of other haplotypes in other populations not included in the study.

The gradient of distribution of African lineage is represented by the A1 haplotype, to the center of the country from the Caribbean coast with A4 and A6 haplotypes. The european lineages, are not represented significantly on the population studied. Colombia beekeeping activities depend on the africanized honeybee.

Apis mellifera, mitochondrial DNA, genetic, Colombia, polymorphism, haplotypes. Ruttner ; Roubik, ; Heras ; Sheppard et al. Actualmente se han identificado para el caso de las abejas A.

Se colectaron entre 20 y 30 abejas operarias de los cuadros interiores de colmenas de abejas A. Buesaco ; Santander del Sur: Afgicanizada Centro se evidencian los haplotipos A4 y A6, que enmarcaron a grupos de abejas con alguna dominancia.


El autor desea expresar su gratitud a los apicultores colombianos de las zonas de estudio ageja en el trabajo de campo por facilitar las condiciones para el muestreo. Facultad Medicina Veterinaria y Zootecnia.

The present status of Africanized honey bees in Uruguay. Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research.

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Update on Africanized honey bee research. Proceedings of the American Bee Research Conference. Genetic differentiation estimated by isozymic analysis of Africanized honeybee populations from Brazil and from Central America.

Clinal variation and selection on MDH allozymes in honeybees in Chile.

Abeja Africanizada (Abeja Asesina) Apis Mellifera Scutellata

Variabilidad mitocondrial en poblaciones de abejas de la miel Apis mellifera L. Genetic structure and distinctness of Apis mellifera L. Populations from the Canary Islands. Genetic estructure of Balearic honeybee populations based on microsatellite polymorphism. Abelhas africanizadas nos anos Microsatellite variation in honey bee Apis mellifera L. Hierarchical genetic structure and test of the infinite allele and stepwise mutation models. Molecular confirmation of a fourth lineage in honeybees from the Near East.

Genetic diversity of the honeybee in Africa: Evidence from mitocohondrial DNA that African honey bees spread as continuous maternal lineages. Tesina Facultad de Veterinaria.


Evolutionary history of the honey bee Apis mellifera inferred from mitochondrial DNA analysis.

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abeja africanizada – English Translation – Word Magic Spanish-English Dictionary

Morphometric, allozymic and mitochondrial DNA variability in feral colonies. Africanized bees in the U. Aspects of Africanized honeybee ecology in tropical America. The Africanized honey bee. Biogeography and taxonomy of honeybee. Apis mellifera ruttneri, a new honey bee subspecies from Malta.

Analysis of Africanized honey bee mitochondrial DNA reveals further diversity of origin. The african honey bee: Factors Contributing to a Successful Biological Invasion. Mitochondrial DNA and honeybee biogeography, in: