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In this page, I discuss the various counter IC’s and how to use them. For example, is eliminated at the next clock, requires two clocks, while needs four. The three principal types of counters have been studied above, so that you know their fundamentals, their advantages and their drawbacks. You might have expected modulo-8, but here the clear does not occur until the next clock, instead of at once, as with the LS Be sure to use despiking capacitors on the power supply, since switching transients can be considerable.

We will illustrate these things with the 74LS90 ripple counter. Pin numbers for the 74 and dataseet 00 are shown in datasheeet figure below. This oscillator seemed to work well in general, but may oscillate at a higher frequency if there is too much noise. All the resistors are 4. One Nixie only needed 3 transistors, another 6, so there are 19 transistors in all.

In general, for N flip-flops there are 2 N different states, each of which is present in the complete binary counting sequence beginning with all zeros, and up to all ones.

All we need to do is move the 4 connection from the upper to the lower nibble. This is exactly what you did with the LS90 counter to make a modulo-N counter. I do not know the source of this circuit, used in the series logic, but it is very ingenious.


Johnson counters are very satisfactory, but are given little mention datasjeet texts, and appeared only 74hc774an the series logic family as the decimal and the octal74h7c4an were ignored in TTL.

If you cannot find any, element bar graph arrays would provide an unusual readout at low cost. The two basic counter techniques are easily performed with the Controls that operate this way are called asynchronous. All inputs are protected.

74HC74AN Datasheet PDF

74hcc74an counters are realized with master-slave JK flip-flopsand this appendix explains this circuit. The outputs go nearly to the supply rails, but can furnish only less than a mA. It is important to get the bits in the correct order when constructing a circuit.

As this counter counts up from 0 to 14, RCO remains low, and the higher counters are disabled by the low state of their ENT’s. The outputs are labeled by their weights 1, 2, 4 and 8, and are active high.

We also need a modulo counter to count hours for a hour clock, or a modulo counter for a hour clock. Don’t confuse the modulo N with the number of flip-flops. Connect two LS’s in this way, with each set up for normal counting. Except for a common clear control, these two sections are independent, and can be used separately.

Dual D Flip-Flop With Set And Reset

Doubled, this will give V. We could have started with any other state, and proceeded in order.

The logic level present at the data input is transferred to the output during the positive- going transition of the clock pulse. This is the oscillator I intend to use when I build a clock. Textbooks seem to give useless methods of self-correction.

74HC74AN Datasheet catalog

For Nixie tubes, or similar digital displays, we need full decoding of the counter states, as provided directly by the The LS versions of these chips are edge sensitive. The pinout is shown at the right. As a CMOS chip, its inputs draw nearly no current. Of the 16 pins, 2 are for the power supply, and 10 for the decoded outputs representing Texas Instruments found that the LS had a glitch due to the different propagation times of the ENT and Q A signals that can cause trouble at high counting rates.


To make a modulo-8 counter, you must detect “7” instead, so that the counter will return to 0 on the next clock. If we want a larger counter, LS’s can be cascaded synchronously. Ripple cascading is also easy.

Electronic clocks are analogous to mechanical clocks. LED’s are provided to show the states. You’ll build and test ripple binary, synchronous binary, and Johnson ring counters.

The SPDT pushbutton is the hardest thing to find. For our experiments, just leaving them unconnected is equivalent to tying them high. The logic level present at the. Preset and clear are independent of the clock and accomplished by a low level at the appropriate input.

Note that S of the master cannot be high when J is low, nor R high when K is low.

74HC74AN Datasheet PDF – Fairchild Semiconductor

Comparing datashfet my watch, the variation was no greater than one second over dagasheet test period. A similar technique can be used with synchronous counters, but there is no such rowdiness. Bad clock edges are the main source of difficulty with counters. If the delay from the clock edge of a flip-flop to the change in the output is t dthen the Nth flip-flop changes a time N – 1 t d after the first. Feedback is supplied by the k resistor and the crystal.

RCO then remains low until the next time 15 is reached, and so on.