has ratings and 80 reviews. Dan said: Yet another great read from a great series. re-read: In this novel, we get to meet, and absorb new. Having read 20th century history books of the period, he has become determined to rescue Galileo from his trial for heresy. The Americans are divided on. The Galileo Affair. The Epic Struggle of Freedom and Justice Against the Tyrannies of the 17th Century Continues, as European Cunning Meets American .

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Dec 01, Glaileo Thern rated it really liked it Shelves: All of this is also escalated by the French agent, Ducos, who is also a secret Protestant assassin.

As they seek to make an ally of the Venetians, they find themselves in a position to change the result of one of the most famous trials in the history of the Roman Catholic Church, that of Galileo himself. Case in point, an instance in this book where one young character falls back on his experience as a pitcher to help get out of a jam.

It’s vastly less focused on military matters I like David Weber fine, but I’m just not as interested in guns as he is and the Stone family is a nice counterpoint to the otherwise fairly idealized blue-collar main characters.

That was a criticism I had of the first book in the series, and of a few other Eric Flint books, but then there were a few that were better. Also, familiarity with previous titles is a must as the authors place readers right in the middle of the action.

The United States of Europe which is the West Virginia town of Grantville transported back in time to the s, is sending a delegation to Venice to build up a pharmaceutical industry but Cardinal Richelieu continues to scheme and there is the little problem of the trial of Galileo.

Commander Cantrell in the West Indies Assiti Shards series by Eric Flint. The USE has sent off a an envoy to Venice for trade and to prevent a plague and exchange info. I’m not in the right frame of mind.

1634: The Galileo Affair

The Vatican Sanction In this novel, we get to meet, and absorb new characters, and bit players to date become far more developed. Nevertheless, they’re so densely packed with layers and characters that anyone stays engaged the subject matter itself is also pretty heavy and involved.


Certainly the poorest of a generally enjoyable series. It’s been on my currently-reading list for as long as I’ve been on GoodReads, and I started it well before that. The small town of Grantsville, WV, finds itself transported back years to 17th century Europe and the year If you don’t know, all of this takes place in I finally finished this book after several false starts. In the tradition of Italy’s commedia dell’arte, the rollicking plot serves to bring two lovers together despite formidable obstacles.

What I find amazing about this book, the whole series really, is how it actually makes me enjoy the politics of this world that has been created. I skipped it and read book 3, but the writing style didn’t grab me as much as the first book and I’d definitely missed a lot of plot from skipping a book. Published August 1st by Baen first published Goodreads calls this “Assiti Shards, 3” but in the recommended reading order this is in pos 6 or possibly 5 Ram Rebellion can be read before this one without any real loss.

I’m glad to see Sharon given a chance for development beyond Hans Richter’s fiancee, and the story is interesting. The authors do a good job of humanizing the historical characters except for Galileo. The book is a decent read, though, so it was still interesting in and of itself. Jul 25, Tmc Carl rated it really liked it. Apr 08, Warren Dunham rated it really liked it.

The Bavarian Crisis This is a good choice for fans of alternative history, although those who prefer the more serious work of Harry Turtledove may find it too upbeat for their gslileo. It follows the activities of an embassy party sent from the United States of Europe Grantville to VeniceItaly, where the three young Stone brothers become involved affaid the local Committees of Correspondence and the Inquisition ‘s trial of Galileo Galilei.

Again, good bloody fun.

The Galileo Affair (Assiti Shards, #3) by Eric Flint

This makes it a lot more coherent than many of the other volumes in the series, and means one is a lot less likely to greet any given PoV with “oh no, not this nitwit again! Others will be moved more quickly to stop them, etc. I liked it a lot but it’s not as good as the previous two books.


Sep 21, Fuzzy John rated it liked it. The earlier books had no subtitles after the year, but this one did, because at this point the series creators decided to expand their storytelling universe.

Retrieved February 18, Grantsville, a West Virginia mining community that a black hole transported back to the Thirty Years War, now forms the kernel of a fledgling democratic Germany.

The Galileo Affair by Eric Flint & Andrew Dennis – Baen Books

I guess after that the authors decided that the best way to keep the franchise alive was to branch out. I liked both of those books a lot, but things started going downhill fast at this point.

The Dreeson Incident There are no discussion topics on this book yet. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Since I read galkleo first three Grantville Gazette volumes just prior to this re-read, I am afair more immersed in the political arena of the USE and what Mike Stearns is trying to accomplish.

Fighting off muggers and assassins by using your soccer and baseball skills may appeal to some readers, but IMHO it takes away from the otherwise realistic feel of the novels. Flint manages to very carefully thread the fine line between detail and readability.

The Kremlin Games After slogging through The Galileo Affair Book “. Stearns also sends Tom Stone and his family to assist with the production of affaig, Sharon Nichols to aid in medical education and to give her something galoleo to do while she is grieving over Hans Richter’s death inand Ernst Mauer to advise on public sanitation. The Galileo Affair is a prime example of one of the risks run This was not a commute book – this was a “hanging around the house” book.

Two years latet, the have made both enemies and allies as the Thirty-Years War is in full swing. Whether he needs it or not. I highly recommend this series to galilwo one who enjoys history and alt-history.