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Three Years On

Celebrating three years since my leap of faith.

On conviction, whereas to the strength of and belief in the same

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A short piece about conviction and direction, written in the run up to the new year.

New Things, New Ideas, Or Both?

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Working out some ideas about programming, is it better to create new things or relentless pursue new ideas? I think it’s both.

Decoding Job Descriptions

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A new sequence of posts aimed at decoding job descriptions: what exactly is it that employers and recruiters are after?


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This is a great quote from Casey Neistat but I’m experiencing a disconnect between all that advice about doing work and the rewards that it’s supposed to gain you.

The Stopwatch Technique

If you’re stuck, set a stopwatch for a five minute countdown and just go for it.

The State of Play

A quick update of what’s going on in my life at the moment.

If I had been a little more composed on my last day of work, I’d have read out the lyrics to this song. Enjoy.

The Truth About Work

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Sometimes you realise the truth about work is that it isn’t that enjoyable and that you have to move on and do something else for your own sake.


A review of Michael Frayn’s “Skios”, a good little beach read.

The Way The World Works

Shakespeare had all the best lines, didn’t he?

Understated Classics #24: “Reservoir” by Fanfarlo

A record that may well have saved my life.