Matt Dorey

A bird is sitting on the grass with a kite

Silchester Roman Town

As part of our continuing quest to visit ALL the roman ruins, we visited Silchester Roman Town.

This afternoon I snapped this picture of a dandelion growing out of a wall. I took the photo in a rush and ended up with a bit of my jacket in the frame. I tried to retake the picture when I returned home the same way. By then, with it being a dandelion clock, its […]

Chichester in Sunshine 

Snapped this while out walking in the sunshine in Chichester, for no particular reason other than that it looked so bright and cheerful. I thought I’d whip the phone out and snap a memory of the good times before those April showers kick in!

Chichester Cathedral

Taking advantage of some beautiful sunshine to chill out in Chichester and snap its photogenic cathedral.

From hanging around in the cemetery in Buenos Aires on Valentine’s day. Published via Pressgram

Colonia Sunsets

Some pictures of the sunset this evening, taken in Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay.

Historic Dockyard, Portsmouth

Some pictures from a visit to the Historic Dockyard in Portsmouth. To see the gallery click on the permalink.

From The Balcony

What a glorious day. I am sat here on the balcony, shirt sleeves rolled up, typing away with the laptop on my thighs.

Out And About #2

Out and about in the sunshine at Sunny Hill Park.

I was something like 49th in the queue for Record Store Day at Rough Trade West this morning.