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Album Digest August 2016

Album Digest August 2016 Cover image

Albums by Prins Thomas, United Vibrations, Sarathy Korwar, and Doomsquad.

Adventures with Discover Weekly

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I’ve been using spotify’s music discovery playlist Discover Weekly to find new albums for this month’s album digest. Here’s some thoughts.

Playlist #14: A Capital Idea

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Here’s a Spotify playlist of songs with capital cities in their title. I like to build playlists like this as I can start from songs I know well like Little Dragon’s “Paris” (along with about a million other songs that have Paris in the title or are about Paris) and “London Calling”, and then cast […]

Why Apple Music Feels Like a Fail

Why Apple Music Feels Like A Fail: A snap reaction to today’s Apple Music announcement. Maybe it’s better than it looks.

You Can’t Just ‘Switch Off’ Free

Ministry of Sound boss Lohan Presencer does the cry baby act in today's Guardian, complaining that Spotify's freemium model doesn't allow him to bathe in a Scrooge McDuck style swimming pool of golden coins any more. The cat is out of the bag for streaming music now, and no matter how much music companies cry […]