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October and November 2014

An update detailing what I have been up to and a promise of more posts to follow.

Building Brains

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A garbled post about thinking about thinking; taking in David Foster Wallace’s “The Pale King”, pictures of ghosts on Instagram, and teaching computers to love.

New Things, New Ideas, Or Both?

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Working out some ideas about programming, is it better to create new things or relentless pursue new ideas? I think it’s both.

What IS That Noise?

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Some musings about found sound and vocal samples in ambient music. Like ambient music, I don’t really go anywhere.

The Sticky Stick You’re Stuck With

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What do you want to be remembered as blogging about?

My Amazing Subversive Revolutionary Adolescence

Cover of Live 93 by The Orb rendered in a subversive fashion

The Orb’s “Live ’93” album is one of the artefacts that made me aware of the life of the mind.

The Stopwatch Technique: Planting Tomato Vines

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Continuing on from my previous post about the stopwatch technique, this time I discuss the Pomodoro technique.

The Knife That What?

A short explanation of the current motto for my blog and a couple of the others that I used in the past.

The Stopwatch Technique

If you’re stuck, set a stopwatch for a five minute countdown and just go for it.

One Simple Trick That Can Improve Your Life

Just this: If you’re writing a list about how you want to change your life then perhaps you are like me and all your bullet points start with “I must…” or “I should” or “I want to…”.

How to Write on a Regular Basis

A good trick is to write a big long list of ideas for posts. A less good idea is to then include at the top of said list a post about dub reggae. Posts that require a lot of research are the enemy to writing regularly.

Should I Drop Dropbox?

The reasons why I am reconsidering using Dropbox to sync my files and what the alternatives might be.

The Reset Button

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A couple of months after hitting the reset button on my life, I found myself floundering a little. Here’s how I tried to set myself straight.

Understated Classics #25: Long Gone Before Daylight by The Cardigans

Close crop of cover of Long Gone Before Daylight by The Cardigans

The twenty-fifth entry in my understated classics series of album reviews is Long Gone Before Daylight by The Cardigans.

A(nother) Statement About Adverts

I’d like to clarify my position about ads on this blog.


A review of Michael Frayn’s “Skios”, a good little beach read.

A Memory

A short poem I wrote in five minutes while remembering something.

Some Ad Hoc Writing Tips

Some writing tips I made up, your mileage may vary.

A Work Of Art At The End Of My Road?

An incident with some music and the flickering light on a faulty give way sign.

A Jigsaw

A cure for insomnia and so much more…