Matt Dorey

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A New Notebook

Writing on the pages of a new notebook

On confronting a new notebook and the joys of where writing takes you.

I Don’t Have a Clue, part 43

A close up of a street with question marks painted on it

Up late, with hot feet and unable to sleep, I type out this confession that I haven’t got a clue what I am doing.

Three Years On

Celebrating three years since my leap of faith.

Six Hundred

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Hang out the bunting and set out all the candles, as August 2nd is the sixth birthday of this blog. To cap it all, this is the six hundredth post!

In The Space Between This And That

Britain voted to leave the EU this week. It made for an angry and confused Friday morning. I posted snippy comments on Facebook at a rate of about one every fifteen minutes. I also knew that there was nothing I could do. Even when you feel like Charlton Heston at the end of "Planet of […]

A Little Warning


A short warning to young people that they shouldn’t steal my posts for their essays. I’m flattered but they should work their books out for themselves.

Comments Policy

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I think I’ll allow comments again soon.

Key Takeaway

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The key to blogging: have fun.

The Force Awakens: Some Thoughts

Image detail from poster for Star Wars The Force Awakens

In lieu of a proper review, which might tempt me to give away spoilers.

Satin Island by Tom McCarthy: Review

Cover image for post reviewing Satin Island by Tom McCarthy

Parachutes, oil spills, cultural anthropology, and the river Styx. Of course.

Some Thoughts on Rent Control

Cover for post about rent control

Could rent controls make a difference to the housing market?

A Letter to a Friend, 2014

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I found an old letter to a friend in my Evernote notes. After anonymising it and tidying it up, here it is.

First Light, Last Light

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Is it better to get up early or stay up late? Who cares?!

Resolution Time!

Featured image by Rubin Starset, creative commons license

How time flies! It seems like just a few weeks ago that I wrote a post about new year’s resolutions and pledged to defer making any resolutions until today, the 17th of June. I confess I haven’t really come up with anything yet, save to apply for an(other) MSc and do really well at it […]

Why Apple Music Feels Like a Fail

Why Apple Music Feels Like A Fail: A snap reaction to today’s Apple Music announcement. Maybe it’s better than it looks.

Like a Rhino Voting for Poaching

A political analogy about rhinos that came tumbling out of my head.

Writing As It Happens

Some thoughts on how to capture ideas, emotions, thoughts, and experiences without losing the ability to live the moment itself.

On Grey and Blue

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More people avoid tax than you might think, but some tax avoidance is still worse than others. (All views are personal etc etc)

On The Humble Cheese Grater

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A celebration of the humble cheese grater, one of my favourite bits of kitchen kit and gateway to the best comfort food of all time: cheese on toast!

On Entropy and Star-shapes

Just a little ramble about various things now that I am pootling along in my own little slow lane again.