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A bird is sitting on the grass with a kite

Please Stand By

Please Stand By

There will now be a hiatus in posts until January 2017.


A river surrounded by trees

A gallery of photos from a trip to Cambridge for Ingrid’s graduation.

Understated Classics #34: Stray by Aztec Camera

Stray artwork remixed

The next understated classic is “Stray” by Aztec Camera. Released in 1990, it features two hit singles and the cover’s my favourite colour: green.

Heavyweight Podcast

Heavyweight Hero image

A miniature semi-review of Heavyweight, a podcast that I’m enjoying at the moment. I’ve never reviewed a podcast before so this is a new experience.

Mira Schendel at Tate Modern

Mira Schendel

Mira Schendel was a Brazilian artist considered to be one of South America’s best artists. I visited her retrospective at Tate Modern in 2013.

Album Digest September 2016

Album Digest September 2016

Album Digest September 2016 features albums by Wilco, M.I.A., Local Natives, and a collaboration between Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and Suzanne Ciani.

The Threepenny Opera

The Threepenny Opera

A short review of The Threepenny Opera at the National Theatre, starring Rory Kinnear as Mack the Knife.

A New Notebook

Writing on the pages of a new notebook

On confronting a new notebook and the joys of where writing takes you.

Adventures with Discover Weekly

Abstract image to represent algorithmic nature of Discover Weekly

I’ve been using spotify’s music discovery playlist Discover Weekly to find new albums for this month’s album digest. Here’s some thoughts.

BBC Prom 47 at the Royal Albert Hall

View from the Rausing Circle at BBC Prom 47

We went to an afternoon Prom to see works by Hellawell, Haydn and Tchaikovsky performed by the Ulster Orchestra.

Mazes! Lions! Tigers..! Oh My!

A day out with my sister and her family at Longleat.

Silchester Roman Town

As part of our continuing quest to visit ALL the roman ruins, we visited Silchester Roman Town.

Butser Ancient Farm

A gallery of photos from our trip to Butser Ancient Farm

Take the high ground!

We stumbled into the aftermath of a war zone in Priory park…

Ghostbusters (2016): A Short Review

A short review of the new Ghostbusters movie: it’s great but it could and should have been better.

Uncharted 4: A Short Incomplete Review

I'm about a third of the way through Uncharted 4 and I'm amazed by it.

The Orb – Alpine Diskomiks / Sin in Space Pt. 2

The Orb manage to revisit their Sin in Space series with these nifty remixes of Alpine Evening by Prins Thomas.

Cajun Chicken Gumbo

Picture of Cajun Chicken Gumbo in pot

A recipe for Cajun Chicken Gumbo adapted from an original found on the BBC Good Food website. It’s warm and spicy, and great for rainy days.

Six Hundred

Hero image for Post Six Hundred

Hang out the bunting and set out all the candles, as August 2nd is the sixth birthday of this blog. To cap it all, this is the six hundredth post!

Album Digest July 2016

Albums by Aphex Twin, Avalanches, Bat For Lashes, Beyond The Wizards Sleeve, and Islands.