Matt Dorey

A bird is sitting on the grass with a kite

Ghostbusters (2016): A Short Review

A short review of the new Ghostbusters movie: it’s great but it could and should have been better.

Uncharted 4: A Short Incomplete Review

I'm about a third of the way through Uncharted 4 and I'm amazed by it.

The Opportunist

I swear we had the bathroom window open for just three hours and this little lady came in. She made herself right at home.

The Orb – Alpine Diskomiks / Sin in Space Pt. 2

The Orb manage to revisit their Sin in Space series with these nifty remixes of Alpine Evening by Prins Thomas.

Cajun Chicken Gumbo

Picture of Cajun Chicken Gumbo in pot

A recipe for Cajun Chicken Gumbo adapted from an original found on the BBC Good Food website. It’s warm and spicy, and great for rainy days.

Six Hundred

Hero image for Post Six Hundred

Hang out the bunting and set out all the candles, as August 2nd is the sixth birthday of this blog. To cap it all, this is the six hundredth post!

Album Digest July 2016

Albums by Aphex Twin, Avalanches, Bat For Lashes, Beyond The Wizards Sleeve, and Islands.

Acts of the Assassins by Richard Beard

Hero image for post about Acts of the Assassins by Richard Beard

This interesting novel uses a gritty crime genre style and a modern timeline to retell the legend of the apostles and their deaths.

What does Prisma do for your photos?

Original image to which I applied each of the Prisma filters

I applied all the different Prisma filters to the same photo, so you don’t have to!

Great movie double bills #6

Cover for movie double bill 6

After four and a half years, it’s time for another film double bill! The theme of this one is space exploration.

Understated Classics #33: Embrya by Maxwell

Cover image made from the cover of Embrya by Maxwell

The next entry in the understated classic series is Embrya by Maxwell, perfect for summer evenings!

South America Trip Part 12

The next part of the South American Trip took me through three countries in under a week: from Tupiza in Bolivia, to Salta in Argentina, and then on to San Pedro de Atacama in Chile.

The Unlimited Dream Company

Another entry in my series of posts about the novels of JG Ballard. This time it’s the 1979 novel “The Unlimited Dream Company”. It’s my favourite of his novels: a silly romp through suburban sexual repression that glitters with sinister wit.

Pictures from a sunny Sunday afternoon walk around the Bishop’s Garden in Chichester.

Chorizo, butter bean and sweet potato soup

Chorizo, butter bean and sweet potato soup

Here’s a recipe for a chorizo, butter bean and sweet potato soup that Ingrid and I invented.

Swaptastic Part 3

A shiny app version of my sticker swaps simulator – why not have a play with my little model?

Album Digest June 2016

Album Digest June 2016 features albums by Roxette, Tegan & Sara, Flume, and Islands. Overall it’s a pretty poppy collection of albums this month.

Swaptastic Part 2

Here’s some code that simulates multiple collectors of Panini stickers. How many friends should you recruit in order to minimise the number of packets you have to buy?

In The Space Between This And That

Britain voted to leave the EU this week. It made for an angry and confused Friday morning. I posted snippy comments on Facebook at a rate of about one every fifteen minutes. I also knew that there was nothing I could do. Even when you feel like Charlton Heston at the end of "Planet of […]

Tate Modern Extension June 2016

Ingrid and I were in London this week and paid a flying visit to the new Tate Modern extension. We will explore more thoroughly next time!