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A New Notebook

Writing on the pages of a new notebook

On confronting a new notebook and the joys of where writing takes you.

A Little Warning


A short warning to young people that they shouldn’t steal my posts for their essays. I’m flattered but they should work their books out for themselves.

Key Takeaway

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The key to blogging: have fun.

A Letter to a Friend, 2014

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I found an old letter to a friend in my Evernote notes. After anonymising it and tidying it up, here it is.

Untitled 2

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Rather than spill the beans about another idea for a novel, I’m going to set myself some exercise for blogs posts that tackle the technical problems the idea poses for me as a writer.

A Little Bit Intimidating Really

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Just a little post about getting over self-censorship and imposter syndrome, and just writing something and putting it out there.

Where Is Your Cat Finding All Those Birds?

The amazing adventures of cats, and how to use them to get through a sleepless night.

Writing As It Happens

Some thoughts on how to capture ideas, emotions, thoughts, and experiences without losing the ability to live the moment itself.

On Jackson X

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I set myself the task of writing about a fictional character for this blog post, so this post is about Jackson X. His surname isn’t really X, it’s just one of the details about him that I haven’t fleshed out yet. This is because Jackson X is the one of the protagonists of the novel I’m (not) writing.

Useful Ulysses

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It’s really useful for blog posts and generally sorting out bits of writing that need doing.

The Joy of Typing

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How re-learning how to touch type has made me feel happier and more in control.

The Sticky Stick You’re Stuck With

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What do you want to be remembered as blogging about?

Beetles, A Short Story

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Beetles, a short story. This one came to me quite by surprise when I was writing one evening. I think it scrubbed up quite nicely!

The Stopwatch Technique

If you’re stuck, set a stopwatch for a five minute countdown and just go for it.

How to Write on a Regular Basis

A good trick is to write a big long list of ideas for posts. A less good idea is to then include at the top of said list a post about dub reggae. Posts that require a lot of research are the enemy to writing regularly.

A Memory

A short poem I wrote in five minutes while remembering something.

Active and Passive

It’s time to talk about some writing skills.

Some Ad Hoc Writing Tips

Some writing tips I made up, your mileage may vary.

The Advent Calendar

The advent calendar stories have been taken down now.

Something I Don’t Remember Writing, 17th August 2009

A story fragment about drowning sailors, no doubt allegorical.