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Please Stand By

Please Stand By

There will now be a hiatus in posts until January 2017.

Six Hundred

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Hang out the bunting and set out all the candles, as August 2nd is the sixth birthday of this blog. To cap it all, this is the six hundredth post!

A Little Warning


A short warning to young people that they shouldn’t steal my posts for their essays. I’m flattered but they should work their books out for themselves.

Is this thing on?

New posts coming shortly. Promise. *Featured image is “Playlist” by Eco Dalla Luna, creative commons license.

Comments Policy

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I think I’ll allow comments again soon.

Key Takeaway

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The key to blogging: have fun.

The Long Post

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I’m writing a long post. Here’s an update.

Fun With Colours

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Have installed the “Color Posts” plugin that changes the background of single posts according to the average colour of the featured image (or for posts with no featured image, the first available picture). Here “average colour” means the average of several sample points. There’s fun to be had navigating from post to post and guessing […]

WordPress 4.2

A short aside in praise of WordPress 4.2

Sidebar fun

You might have noticed that I added these images to the sidebar of the blog. Each one pops up at random. I’ll add a few more over the coming months. I particularly like the glacier one: with the yellow text it makes me believe that Wes Anderson’s next movie should be set on some sort […]

On Comments

I have been sprucing up the blog a bit lately in preparation for writing more regularly. You’ll notice the simpler theme as the default WordPress theme: “Twenty Fifteen” is the best default WordPress theme since “Twenty Twelve”. However, the biggest difference is that I have disabled comments. I’ve done this because hardly anyone commented on […]

October and November 2014

An update detailing what I have been up to and a promise of more posts to follow.

Fixing Header Images and Galleries in WP-Bootstrap

Hero image for post about how to generate random numbers in R

Modifying WP-Bootstrap WordPress theme to fix broken Jetpack galleries and alter the size of featured images.

Five WordPress Plugin Recommendations

Hero image for my post of wordpress plugin recommendations

All of these are in use on this site.

The Sticky Stick You’re Stuck With

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What do you want to be remembered as blogging about?

The Knife That What?

A short explanation of the current motto for my blog and a couple of the others that I used in the past.

How to Write on a Regular Basis

A good trick is to write a big long list of ideas for posts. A less good idea is to then include at the top of said list a post about dub reggae. Posts that require a lot of research are the enemy to writing regularly.

Please Await Further Info…

This is getting ridiculous! I promise that I do have ideas for posts, it is just very difficult to complete them at the moment. Hopefully normal service will resume shortly.

Three Years

Today is the official birthday of this blog. Like the Queen, it has two birthdays: one for when it was originally started and another that is the date of the oldest remaining post. When I was starting out I faffed around a bit until I worked out what I was willing and able to write […]

A(nother) Statement About Adverts

I’d like to clarify my position about ads on this blog.