Matt Dorey

A bird is sitting on the grass with a kite

Chichester in Sunshine 

Snapped this while out walking in the sunshine in Chichester, for no particular reason other than that it looked so bright and cheerful. I thought I’d whip the phone out and snap a memory of the good times before those April showers kick in!

Sidebar fun

You might have noticed that I added these images to the sidebar of the blog. Each one pops up at random. I’ll add a few more over the coming months. I particularly like the glacier one: with the yellow text it makes me believe that Wes Anderson’s next movie should be set on some sort […]

A Little Surprise

A photo of a toy truck I found under the sideboard in my flat.

The Big Sky

A plane soars up in to the big wide winter sky, February 2015

A plane soars up in to the big wide winter sky, February 2015.

Victoria Park Portsmouth

Some flowers I found on a sunny July day in Victoria Park Portsmouth.

Prinsted, July 2014

Prinsted Photos Header Image

Some photos taken on a walk through Prinsted in July 2014.

Panorama of Iguacu Falls

Panorama of Iguacu Falls

A panorama of Iguacu Falls, another picture taken on my trip around South America. Also a tip about how imagining a waterfall can relieve stress.

Wood Grain

Close up pic of the wood grain cover of my new notebook.

The Star and Crescent

This week I read an article about different regions of England adopting regional flags. Of course Portsmouth has had its own for a long time, like way before it was fashionable. It’s likely to be familiar to most people as the logo of the football club. Every now and then I look up the origin […]


Daffodils in Hyde Park. Published via Pressgram

Some Creative Commons Photos Remixed By Me

Some WordPress themes support featured images for certain post formats, others don’t. The recent change back to the Ryu theme means that a lot of images I’d taken the trouble to source, remix, and properly attribute for the quote posts are now hidden from view. I thought they’d make a nice gallery of their own. […]

Replacement for the phone case I lost on the tube last year and one for the newest member of the family, my Chilean MacBook Air. Some people come back from Chile with wives or a cellar full of red wine, I came back with a new computer. Foof are a great little company that make […]

From hanging around in the cemetery in Buenos Aires on Valentine’s day. Published via Pressgram

Red House

I tested out my new camera again at Red House in Bexleyheath.

All Mapped Out

I bought a map of South America and some star-shaped stickers, and mapped out the route of my tour!

New Camera Test

Just thought I’d test my new camera out on some flowers we’ve got in the living room at the moment.

Dusting off the old suit again.

Current reading list. All titles fit in pretty well with the “in my pants” game. This is where you take the title of the book and append the phrase “In my pants” to either the start or the end. A rather facile game, but it’s fun so why not give it a try! I’m especially […]

Raspberries are my favourite fruit and these big guys from the supermarket are lovely. I’d love to go pick my own raspberries. We used to go in the summer and my sisters and I would always eat about the same amount as we picked, no matter how much mum told us not to. I also […]

Sainsbury’s keep giving me bookmark-sized slips of paper with my receipts. No wonder I’m always starting a new book before I’ve finished the old one!