Matt Dorey

A bird is sitting on the grass with a kite

Take the high ground!

We stumbled into the aftermath of a war zone in Priory park…

New T-shirts

Quick snap of a couple of new t-shirts

The Opportunist

I swear we had the bathroom window open for just three hours and this little lady came in. She made herself right at home.

What does Prisma do for your photos?

Original image to which I applied each of the Prisma filters

I applied all the different Prisma filters to the same photo, so you don’t have to!

Pictures from a sunny Sunday afternoon walk around the Bishop’s Garden in Chichester.

Envelopes containing swaps that have arrived in the post in recent days

Envelopes containing swaps that have arrived in the post in recent days. It is nice to get letters from all over the country, even if they do just contain a selection of panini stickers. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have used the sticker swapping website to share my swaps with people all […]

Texture Tuesday

My blogging buddy Lee has a weekly sequence of posts on her blog called Tuesdays of Texture. This week I thought I’d join in. Welcome to my texture Tuesday!

festival of flowers 10

A gallery of pictures from the Festival of Flowers at Chichester Cathedral.

Some pictures from a walk at dusk to Hunston and back, via Whyke quarry and the Chichester canal.

Photo of the Weather Station in Sidlesham Reserve

The fine weather today makes me long for more. This is a photo of the weather station in the RSPB reserve near Birdham, taken on an equally fine (if colder) day back in March.

This afternoon I snapped this picture of a dandelion growing out of a wall. I took the photo in a rush and ended up with a bit of my jacket in the frame. I tried to retake the picture when I returned home the same way. By then, with it being a dandelion clock, its […]

“Behind” The Scenes

Ingrid snapped me snapping the bluebells. For sensitive souls, I also include a censored version!

Slindon, April 2016

Yesterday evening we went out to see the bluebells in Slindon, near Chichester. There are lots of places all over England with great carpets of bluebells, but at Slindon there is a route through the woods that allows you to suddenly stumble over them. The effect is marvellous and photos don’t really do it justice. […]

Some photos from a foggy morning at the University of Surrey.

A sky-spanning rainbow.

Fun With Deep Dream

Deep dream version of the cover image of my about page

Unlocking nightmarish subdomains in my photographs with Google’s deep dream algorithm is a lot of fun!

Hollybush Hill

A quick shot of a little bridge over the blackwater river near Aldershot.

Foxy Foxy

This little chap is one of three cubs that live in the hedges behind the car park at work. Normally his brothers/sisters are out playing too but today they weren’t around. They must all be pretty close to full-grown now. This one had a good scratch of his fleas – one of his legs was […]

Lunchtime Badminton

Played badminton with some work colleagues at lunchtime. It was great to get out into the sunshine and muck about for a bit. Unfortunately it was a bit too windy so it was pretty hard to get any rallies going.

Ducklings on the Canal

Awww… Reminds me of York. I lived on the campus there; the colleges surround a big lake populated by many ducks and geese. And come the spring, their ducklings and goslings appeared too. This photo was taken on a walk down the canal with colleagues on Thursday afternoon. I’d not been down there since January […]