Matt Dorey

A bird is sitting on the grass with a kite

Take the high ground!

We stumbled into the aftermath of a war zone in Priory park…

Swaptastic Part 3

A shiny app version of my sticker swaps simulator – why not have a play with my little model?

Swaptastic Part 2

Here’s some code that simulates multiple collectors of Panini stickers. How many friends should you recruit in order to minimise the number of packets you have to buy?

Euro 2016 Panini Stickers

Some thoughts about collecting panini stickers for the upcoming Euro 2016 football tournament. Includes use of the hypergeometric distribution!

The Nutcracker

Cover for Nutcracker post

For Ingrid’s birthday, we went to see The Nutcracker at The King’s Theatre in Southsea.

Fun With Deep Dream

Deep dream version of the cover image of my about page

Unlocking nightmarish subdomains in my photographs with Google’s deep dream algorithm is a lot of fun!

Sixteen Short Stories for Shy Tories

Sixteen (very) short stories about shy tories and what they might be thinking over the next few years.

Consider the Donut

Or, From There to Here With the Simpsons Old episodes of The Simpsons are great. The other night “Bart After Dark” was on and I really enjoyed seeing it again. It’s from season eight, the one where Bart ends up working in the Maison Derriére. I thought it was older; mind you, this makes it […]

How Fireworks Work

Fireworks by Jeff Golden, featured image for How Fireworks Work

Last night I watched a firework display from my bathroom window. This reminded me to write a post about how fireworks work, which I’ve been putting off for a while.

On The Humble Cheese Grater

Featured image for cheese grater post

A celebration of the humble cheese grater, one of my favourite bits of kitchen kit and gateway to the best comfort food of all time: cheese on toast!

On Jackson X

Hero image for post On Jackson X

I set myself the task of writing about a fictional character for this blog post, so this post is about Jackson X. His surname isn’t really X, it’s just one of the details about him that I haven’t fleshed out yet. This is because Jackson X is the one of the protagonists of the novel I’m (not) writing.

All Mapped Out

I bought a map of South America and some star-shaped stickers, and mapped out the route of my tour!

Assorted instas from homemade pizza and craft beer night. Most of these pics by @andykeay.

Me: Hey! Yellow Fever! I am IMMUNE to you now! Yellow Fever: :-( Me: Well not for ten days yet, and only for ten years after that. Yellow Fever: Yay! *plots* Hero image is “Yellow Abstract” by Doug Wheller. Found on Flickr. (cc-by-nc-sa-2.0). Cropped to 16:9 aspect ratio and a filter applied with Analog.

Current reading list. All titles fit in pretty well with the “in my pants” game. This is where you take the title of the book and append the phrase “In my pants” to either the start or the end. A rather facile game, but it’s fun so why not give it a try! I’m especially […]

A Glorious Day!

Photos from a barbecue at Yoon’s house and a walk in the surrounding countryside.

A tarot reading, if you believe that kind of thing. I think it might be trying to tell me something. From left to right, top to bottom: The Hanged Man (representing letting go, martyrdom, nonconformity), Two of Pentacles (representing love, infinite possibility), Nine of Swords (representing past guilt, the realisation of a terrible situation), Page […]

Vinyl and Cake

Some pictures from our party today. We were playing vinyl and eating cake. Click the permalink to see the gallery.

A new shirt from Design By Humans.

UP and about?

I have spent almost four weeks with my new UP band and — inspired by an article I read — I am wondering whether it has changed my behaviour or not.