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Please Stand By

Please Stand By

There will be a pause in new posts appearing on the blog. I am unhappy with my hosting solution and so I am going to do something about it. The last straw was a hack last month. I was lucky that I noticed it early so I managed to repair the site promptly. Nevertheless I now worry that my host is not keeping its side of the security bargain.

Preparing the site for the move will take time so there will be no new post for a while. I want to retain as much as possible of the current site. However, that means moving many assets around: over six hundred posts and over two thousand images. The site should load faster and not get hacked, meaning less frustration and more security for you the reader.

But it’s not just that. The new version of the site will have new features that make it easier for me to write the kinds of posts I want to write. I will be able to write posts anywhere and incorporate many more interesting elements within posts. I think it will be great fun.

If you signed up to receive emails about new posts, these will stop as WordPress provides that mechanism. I will try to find a new solution and advise you of what you’ll need to do to keep receiving updates. You will still be able to post comments on the new version of the site.

I am agnostic about social media at the best of times but I will maintain sharing buttons for Twitter and Facebook. However, I will think hard about whether I continue using Facebook and Twitter in 2017. Events of recent months show that social media dangerously narrows debate rather than enhances it. That is a story for another post though, one of many that I hope you will join me for in January.

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