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A bird is sitting on the grass with a kite


A river surrounded by trees

A two-day visit to Cambridge for Ingrid’s MSc graduation. Ingrid’s “England parents” Chris and Steve came with us and we enjoyed walking all over Cambridge. We were blessed with some excellent weather as you’ll see in the photos below. This gave us the chance to check out the Cambridge sculpture trail – an excellent idea that also gives you the chance to nose around some of the colleges.

I enjoyed the graduation ceremony too. It was the first that I’ve attended without wearing the gown myself! I found it to be a happy experience – it’s gladdening to see people celebrate their achievements. I get the feeling that there were many stories behind the whoops and cheers that erupted throughout.

All in all, a great couple of days off from work!


mariagrigg says:

Thanks Matt for your ever-thoughtful story and photos! So wish I’d been there too, but I can see that Ingrid’s ‘England parents’ did a grand job x

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