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The Orb – Alpine Diskomiks / Sin in Space Pt. 2

In my review of Sin in Space Pt 1, I wondered whether there would be a Sin in Space Pt 2. It’s not uncommon for projects like this to be discarded once part one is out the door. Given The Orb’s current commitment to celebrating the 25th anniversary of “Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld”, it’s downright commendable that it has arrived so soon. I was right about it focussing on new material though, there are no remixes from “Moonbuilding 2703 AD”. Instead we get three Prins Thomas remixes of “Alpine Evening” from their previous EP.

The “Prins Thomas Diskomiks” that stretches out for twelve minutes on side one is the real draw of this collection. It morphs between variations on the original and beat-driven sections that go beyond that. While the original “Alpine Evening” was the busiest track on the Alpine EP, this mix is more intense still. However, it also eases up in places fading into something more closely resembling the original. It reminds me a lot of Hot Chip’s King of the Mountains mix of Kraftwerk’s “La Forme”, a mix that joined its parent in celebrating the nature of tour cycling and also features “rest stops” in its similarly epic run time.

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The “Prins Thomas Simpler Tool For DJ Fools” has a pretty snarky title and might be a reference to how close it sounds to the original. There aren’t as many tricks though there are some flute sounds that will remind more ardent Orb fans of that great Glastonbury version of “Valley”. Meanwhile the “Prins Thomas Short Yoga Break Version” sounds like its title: all bells and drifting samples, not that interesting but not unpleasant either.

In my earlier review I lamented not having a record player to play my vinyl on. I’ve since rectified this as you can see from the picture below, which is photobombed by my houseplant Clive.

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