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Texture Tuesday

Texture Tuesday

My blogging buddy Lee (and Twitter buddy too) has a weekly sequence of posts on her blog called Tuesdays of Texture and this week I thought I’d join in. I snapped this on the bank holiday while changing trains at Haslemere. As we sat down I decided to check my phone and with the camera app still open, I saw this at my feet. It’s no Werner Bischof, but there was something about the accidental composition of tarmac and drain cover that made me take the snap.

I’ve always loved drain covers. We had one on the path outside our house when we grew up and I used to love jumping up and down on it with my sister. I think my parents may have been less excited by the noise we made. I was at Haslemere because Ingrid and I had been to Godalming to celebrate my niece’s 2nd birthday. I bet my niece will be jumping up and down on drains soon enough.

In this picture, I also like the gum and the cigarette stamped into the keyhole. Chewing gum is like a second skin on England’s streets and train platforms! I used the Snapseed app to bring out the texture, I think it worked. Happy Tuesday!

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