Matt Dorey

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Tate Modern Extension June 2016

Here’s a small gallery of photos from a flying visit to the new Tate Modern extension, which opened this week. It creates a new building across from the Turbine Hall, called the Switch House. We had a quick look around the levels and the new collections. The new spaces are big and wide, and you definitely get a feel of interacting with other people interacting with art. That said, the new rooms don’t do as good a job of telling you about why the art is there, at least compared to those in the original Boiler House.

Another new feature is the tenth floor viewing platform. This is understandably popular as I imagine it would give you a great view of London. However, there seem to be a few teething problems with the lifts and it is difficult to get up there. We didn’t succeed this time. In the end we gave up and explored the extension using the wide stairways, some of which are in the photos.

On a more functional note there are lots more toilets (!) and there are also lockers available for use, which is really great. It is much easier to be receptive to the art if you can ditch your heavy rucksack!

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