Matt Dorey

A bird is sitting on the grass with a kite

Slindon, April 2016

Yesterday evening we went out to see the bluebells in Slindon, near Chichester. There are lots of places all over England with great carpets of bluebells, but at Slindon there is a route through the woods that allows you to suddenly stumble over them. The effect is marvellous and photos don’t really do it justice.

Also I took an early-ish train to Crawley yesterday morning. It was sunny and as the train sped through the Sussex countryside I caught glimpses now and then of stunning flashes of electric blue.

The flowers have emerged earlier this year, most likely due to the mild winter. I visited the same woods last year on the same bank holiday weekend. For some reason I didn’t put those photos up on the blog. Last night the bluebells at Slindon seemed more lacklustre than they did last year. It might be because of early flowering or the recent cold snap, but they may be gone soon.

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