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Some pictures from a trip to Stonehenge.

Ingrid and I hired a car and set off for Stonehenge in the February drizzle. We managed to find our way there with only a small argument with the satnav outside Salisbury. It was a cold and blowy and sometimes wet winter day but I think that’s the best kind of day to appreciate the stones in their landscape.

We began at the visitor’s centre which has a kind of cool “giant tree house” look to it. Inside the exhibition has a virtual henge where stonehenge in its various historical guises is projected on to screens around you. I enjoyed the way the exhibition explored how Stonehenge was built and what it was for, I got a lot out of it.

After a bit of a disappointing lunch – think of highway services and you will get the picture. We decided to walk to the stones, despite the dire warning of the youth guarding the exhibition who told us, somewhat ominously, that it was one and a half miles. There are also little shopper-hopper busses that will take you the gruelling three mile round trip from the visitor centre to the stones.

It was a good walk. It seemed like there was a break in the weather. We attempted to force one another into puddles and speculated on the battles between English Heritage and the National Trust. (The walk around the site is owned and maintained by the National Trust.) As we approached the stones we saw a brief glimmer of sunshine pass over them, too fleeting for photographs but a pretty sight nonetheless.

Here is a gallery of pictures taken at the stones. There is not much here that differs from all the other pictures you have ever seen of Stonehenge but I took lots of pictures simply because it is such a photogenic place. It is a shame that you can’t get really up close and personal with the stones but so many people visit them that it is easy to understand why they have to be kept at arm’s length.

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